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Exclusive: Bhanwar Actor Mantra Tells Us What He Loves Most About Being An Actor

Ankita Tiwari

August 19, 2020

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Mantra, the actor who plays the role of Rodrigues in this time travel series says he agreed to do the role as Karanvir Bohra is a dear friend. Read on to know more.

Karanvir Bohra’s directorial debut series Bhanwar is streaming on ZEE5 now. The snackable show is just eight episodes long, but that does not mean that it lacks the grit and suspense. In fact, the actors and the crew have managed to deliver the best within a limited time! The series was shot during the first few months of lockdown under extreme restrictions. But they definitely managed to pull it off! Mantra, the actor who plays the role of Rodrigues, is a very popular RJ and has starred in some of the Bollywood films. Mantra is famous for his deep, husky voice, and here are the excerpts from our exclusive conversation with him.

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1. You are enacting as Rodrigues aka X3 in this show, is it a unique character just as the name suggests?

Ans: I can’t talk much about the character, since it is best to keep it as an enigmatic personality. But yes, Rodrigues/X3 is an absolutely terrific character with lots of layers to it. I agreed to do it as KV (Karanvir Bohra) is a very dear friend of mine and he called me randomly asking if I could do it!

2. How was it working with limited resources in the lockdown?

Ans: Oh it was amazing! It was like taking over an unimaginable feat. We all had to get our COVID tests done prior to the shoot and then we had to stay together in the complex as the lockdown imposed travel restrictions. But we managed to do it and we like to call ourselves the ‘Aatmanirbhar’ production.

3. You are an all-rounder, being an RJ, theatre artist, and an actor-director-producer! Which out of these is your favourite way of expression?

Ans: My favourite way of expression is through the audio medium because I have been on the radio for a long time. I currently have a podcast channel as well. I know it is a bit old-school since everyone is making films and videos but I think audio hits the heart.

4. Do you think that genes played a role in you being an allrounder in the media industry?

Ans: Being completely honest, no one from my family really worked in the depths of the media industry. My mum worked as a child actor in one of the Bengali films, which had occurred randomly. But I always had a knack of arts, be it performing arts in any kind of medium. I started off early and I love working for all kinds of media. Be it radio, video, Tv, and digital!

5. Do you think you vibe with the character of X3 in any manner?

Ans: Actually, there is not much of Rodrigues that I am in real life. But I think that is the beauty of acting, we get to play the roles that the script demands. Sometimes we are the villains, at other times the hero. I think I enjoy being an actor because then I can be everybody.

6. What was it like working with the cast and crew of Bhanwar?

Ans: I have known all of them for long, we are all old friends. Karanvir is a close friend since the Jhalak Dikhla Jaa days, Teejay is a fellow RJ and friend. Payal and I also go a long way back as she was in the production so we have worked before. And Priya was an anchor, so we are all good friends and we just had fun!

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7. Do you believe in the concept of time travel? If you could go to the future and come back, what would you change?

Ans: YES. I love time travel it is a unique concept and KV has done an incredible job bringing it to screen. Lol. I wouldn’t change anything, but I would definitely grab the Coronavirus vaccine from the future. I’m sick of this lockdown and the virus!

8. If you could time travel and change one thing in the past what would it be?

Ans: I would go back in time and tell the dinosaurs ki ek meteor aane wala hai!

9. Are you excited for the launch of Bhanwar as it is the only series to have been shot entirely during the lockdown?

Ans: Yes, definitely I am looking forward to the launch of the series as we have worked in a limited time with limited resources. And I would just like to say that everyone must watch it!

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