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Don’t Miss Mazhya Navryachi Bayko’s Abhijeet Khandkekar And Anita Date’s Candid Confessions!

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February 9, 2021

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Take a look at this fun Q&A chat with the stars of the hit Marathi show, Mazhya Navraychi Bayko!

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko has been going through a lot of drama in the current village track. Radhika and her team of Radhika Masale has entered the village with the idea of setting up a base and also helping people of the village, but at every turn, they are meeting with problems. Fans have been glued to their seats with this current track as they follow Radhika and Saumitra on their journey in the village. But, in real life, our favourite Anita Date and Abhijeet Khandkekar spent some time doing a fun Q&A and we want you to know what tea was spilt!

On the sets of the show, who is the one that is constantly on their phones?

Abhijeet: I think, both of us are on our phones a lot. I’m sometimes on and sometimes off the phone also.

Anita: On the set, everyone thinks that Abhijeet and I are constantly on our phones, but many times we’re just playing games on them and that’s why we’re on our phones!

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Who naps the most on the set?

Abhijeet: Me. Somehow, I can fall asleep while sitting on a chair too. For Anita, once she falls asleep, she doesn’t feel fresh after waking up so she often avoids napping.

Anita: Abhijeet, because if he is asked to sleep he can fall asleep within seconds! As for me, I get very sleepy post-lunch so generally, I sleep for a bit too after eating!

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Who gets irritated if the lunch break does not start on time?

Abhijeet: Honestly, it’s me. Hunger makes me very annoyed. But, I think Anita too doesn’t like lunch being late. Often we’re working for hours and we forget what time it is, but then Anita and I both remind everyone that we must have lunch now and take a break!

Anita: I get very bothered if lunch does not begin on time. I hate it if the lunchtime changes even a little. I already don’t like that lunch begins late and I don’t understand why it starts late itself, because everyone is waiting for it! I need to eat on time and I hate if the time changes.

Who is the most calorie-conscious person among you two?

Abhijeet: Uh, I think we’re both very calorie conscious. I follow my diet but sometimes I really feel like eating sweets and all kinds of things. But I think Anita follows her diet and her proportions well on most occasions.

Anita: I am calorie-conscious. Abhijeet is a total foodie. I’m not that much of a foodie. I like eating carefully. But on our sets, there’s a person called Mihir Rajda, who is very calorie conscious in the mornings!

Well, we hope to see this duo with full energy in the upcoming episodes against Gotya Seth.

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