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Madhura And Kumu Mavshi Are Best Friends In Real Life?

Manjiri Shete

April 3, 2020

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You might hate Madhura and Kumu Mavshi onscreen, but, they are really adorable in real life.

While watching Aamhi Doghi on ZEE5, it is hard to not let your temper flare seeing Madhura’s antics to hamper Meera and Aaditya’s relationship. She is also accompanied by Kumu maushi in this bad business. Amidst the drama, we love Meera’s maturity to take a stance and stand up against them on the show. But, did you know these onscreen grey characters are real-life BFFs, too?

Watch the latest episode of Aamhi Doghi below:

Recently, Prasiddhi Kishor posted a candid picture with Varsha Dandle (who plays Kumu Mavshi) which caught them reading a script together.  She captioned the picture, “Didn’t even know when it was clicked, we were so engrossed in our own script world. Behind the scenes of being Madhura.” We wonder if it is their onscreen meanness that got them together in real life!

Jokes aside, we are glad to see the entire Aamhi Doghi family sharing a tight bond offscreen. They are quite often seen cheering each other on Instagram by posting pictures and adorable comments.

On that note, tell us, who is your character from the Marathi TV serial? We would love to know.

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