Did You Know Alvira Khan And Atul Agnihotri’s Love Story Had Quite A Few Obstacles Along The Way?

Alvira Agnihotri and Atul Agnihotri currently have a happy family with two kids and a stable career. However, did you know that the two artists had to go through a few issues before settling down?

Sania Kader

January 13, 2021

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Actor Salman Khan’s sister Alvira Khan is one of the low key celebrities in the Khan family, who does not appear in the media quite often. She is a renowned film producer who has worked in various films like O Teri and Hello, along with her husband, Atul Agnihotri. She has been married to the former-director since 1995 and the couple has also been setting parenting goals with their two adorable children, Ayaan and Alizeh. However, not many people are aware of their love story and how it grew over the years. The two artists reportedly fell in love in the first half of the 1990s when they were working together on the Bollywood film Jaagruti. They were also quite sceptical about approaching the Khan family as Atul believed that they would not approve of their relationship.

Here is a look at the ZEE5 video with details related to Alvira Khan and Atul Agnihotri’s love story:

Alvira Khan Agnihotri is superstar Salman Khan’s sister, who a renowned film producer and fashion designer by profession. She is married to former-actor Atul Agnihotri since 1995 and their love story was filled with obstacles as it was not easy for them to disclose the news to their families. According to the video attached above, the two love birds fell in love when they were working on the film Jaagruti, which was their second project together. Alvira had been working as an assistant director of the film while Salman Khan was playing the lead role.

Atul Agnihotri was the director of this venture, which naturally gave Alvira and Atul, some quality time together. The two artists grew closer to each other amidst the shooting process and also started dating in this period. However, according to the video, Atul Agnihotri was slightly scared of Alvira’s father Salim Khan and brother Salman Khan as he felt that they would never approve of their relationship.

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When the couple disclosed the news to Salman Khan, they were quite surprised that the actor did not have any objection towards their relationship. In fact, he was quite supportive and also played a huge role in convincing the rest of the family members. The actor even tried to secure Atul Agnihotri’s career by doing a series of films like Veergati, with him. However, Atul Agnihotri did not find his big break as a director and hence switched to production within the next few years.

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