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Devmanus: With Rupa’s Father Meeting ACP Divya, Some Hidden Secrets That Can Come To The Forefront

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February 25, 2021

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The search for his missing daughter has made Rupa’s father seek the help of the police. As he meets ACP Divya, there are possibilities that some unheard stories will get disclosed soon.

TV has never been any better than this. Earlier, the long-ranging dramas were filled with many cliche and typical formulae. However, the new-age dramas on the medium seem to have taken over the essence of big screens. Showrunners are keen on experimenting with new and interesting concepts, drawing the attention of the audience.  Similarly, Zee Marathi’s Devmanus has impressed the audience with its intriguing storyline and interesting characters.

With ample twists and turns, the show has kept the viewers hooked to their screens. And yet again, the recent happenings have brought in another element of suspense in the story. After becoming aware of Divya’s ACP avatar, Ajit has stepped aside from his plans of trapping Divya. Though he wants to stay away from the eyes of the law, his past has once again confronted him. Remember Rupa who became a victim of Ajit’s heinous acts. 

Her father is the new entrant in the storyline as he’s searching for his missing daughter. Rupa’s father unknowingly meets ACP Divya, revealing to her the missing case of his daughter. Divya is curious about linking this case with her ongoing investigation.

So, here’s taking a look at hidden stories that might come to light.

Ajit’s Real Identity

A still from Devmanus
Source: ZEE5

In the recent episode, we saw Rupa’s father enquiring about her whereabouts and he also confronted Ajit. While talking to him, he revealed about a compounder named Devi for whom Rupa left her house. Ajit was stunned when his past identity hit him in an unexpected way. Now that Rupa’s father is seeking ACP Divya’s help, we might see her getting close to Ajit’s real identity.

Going by Divya’s bold outlook towards the world of crime, she can unravel the real truth. Ajit’s cruel acts have been under the cover for a very long time. Getting aware of his real identity can help Divya track his criminal activities of the past.

Rupa’s Tragic Death

A still from Devmanus
Source: ZEE5

Rupa fell under the trap of Devi aka Ajit and helped her in his plans to set up a phony clinic to dupe the innocent villagers. However, due to further differences, Ajit stabbed her to death and hid her dead body on the porch of the mansion itself. ACP Divya might begin with Rupa’s search as a missing case and her connection with Ajit would definitely take her to the mansion.

If her investigation goes on at the current pace and with no restrictions, she can uncover the tragedy of Rupa’s death.

The Serial Killings

A still from Devmanus
Source: ZEE5

If Divya would be able to connect the past mysterious killings and Manju’s accidental death, she would definitely get aware of the culprit being a single person. And after meeting Rupa’s father, her suspicion over Ajit will surely be a cemented one. In no time, these individual cases will be blinded as the serial killings in the village.

This would help ACP track down the culprit easily with the similarities in each case. Eventually, Ajit’s connection will be a recurring one in each and every case.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.


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