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Devmanus Promo: Will Devi Get Caught By The Police For Rupa’s Murder?

Kedar Koli

September 14, 2020

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The police have burst inside Devi’s room to investigate. Will they come across the crucial piece of evidence against Devi?

Zee Marathi’s latest venture Devmanus is a terrifying tale of the serial killer Devi (Kiran Gaikwad). The show has tried to explore the dark side of humans who hide their inner demons from everyone. The crime drama is keeping us all awake at nights with the gripping story of the closeted monster Devi and his killing spree. Before getting reincarnated as the ‘Devmanus‘, Devi used to work as a compounder at a doctor’s clinic. He tricked the doctor for money and fled to a village where he set up a new clinic for himself. Devi shed his past identity and picked up the name of Dr Ajit Kumar Dev.

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However, Devi’s past came back to haunt him in the form of Rupa. He was blackmailed by Rupa to marry her or else pay the price. Devi knew that Rupa would spill the beans about his real identity if he didn’t end the matter once and for all. He murdered Rupa brutally and hid her body inside a brick katta. Devi convinced other villagers into believing that the wall has been made for his patients to sit on brushing off all the suspicions directed at him. Meanwhile, Aatyabai has arrived on the scene and is trying to meddle in Devi’s clinic. She is unhappy that Devi took over her room without her consent and is trying her level best to drive him out of his clinic. She has even threatened to take down the katta built by Devi.

While Aatyabai wreaks havoc in his life, Devi has another problem to deal with. The police have raided the hotel Devi is staying in. Devi gets scared out of his wits upon seeing them demanding Devi open his door immediately. Although Devi has got rid of Rupa’s body, he still has her purse which can work as a piece of evidence against him. The police barge inside Devi’s room to investigate while he stands there frozen. The constable is about to get hold of Rupa’s purse which Devi has hidden in the room. Looks like Devi will finally be put behind the bars and punished for his crimes! Let’s see if he manages to escape the clutches of law using the ‘Devmanus’ tag this time.

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