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Devmanus: How The TV Show Turned Out To Be A Knight Of Nights For Those Who Are Obsessed With Thrillers

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December 11, 2020

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Creating a niche for itself, Devmanus has proved out to be a great watch for the viewers who admire the genre of suspense thrillers.

The streaming services and their TV listings prove that people’s obsession with crime and psychological thrillers is more than that of any other genre. And the reason is obvious, the gripping storyline, unimaginable conflicts, and intriguing characters. However, mainstream TV which is mostly flooded with romance and drama has always lagged behind in the department of ‘good’ thrillers. Fortunately, Zee Marathi’s recent show Devmanus stands out as an exception with a storyline that has managed to keep the viewers hooked to their screens.

With interesting characters on board, the show has all the essential ingredients required for a good thriller. Driven with several motives, the show also turns out to be an entertaining watch due to its comical undertones. For the ones who are obsessed with crime thrillers, here’s taking a look at how Devamanus turned out to be a knight of nights for them.

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Complex And Scary Storyline

A still from Devmanus
Source: Zee5

Dr Ajit’s character is the soul of this gripping thriller. A character on a killing spree whose hidden motive (apart from money) is yet unexplained. We see the story from Ajit’s perspective which makes us aware of his actions. The show is a complex-yet-scary thriller that has all the right elements to excite the viewers.

Socially Relevant

A still from Devmanus
Source: Zee5

A thriller being socially relevant, what’s more, interesting than that? The story aims at not only keeping the viewers guessing but also makes them aware of the problems prevailing in rural India. In the modern world, there are still corners of the nation that believe in various superstitions including black magic, etc. Though the story never emphasizes these issues, it gives us a fair idea of the society that is dominated by delusions. Devmanus is relevant and hence one of the finest thrillers available on TV currently.

An Entertaining Watch

A still from Devmanus
Source: Zee5

Apart from its interesting storyline, Devmanus turns out as an entertaining watch for viewers with its subtleness of humour and comic characters. Saru Aaji, one of the most loved characters of the show, makes the viewers laugh with her accurate humour. For instance, she’s the only one who believes there’s something wrong with the doctor and always tags him as a compounder. Besides her, there are characters like Shubhankar and Namya who also make the show an entertaining watch.

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