Devmanus: Divya’s ACP Avatar Comes To Light; Some Ideas She Could Use To Frame Ajit As The Prime Suspect

Through her investigation, Divya is connecting the past stories with Manju’s death mystery. The recent instances hint that Ajit might land in trouble.

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February 22, 2021



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A good thriller not only lives up to an intriguing storyline but also on twisted characters. These characters are not necessarily villains but are driven by immoral desires. They are amoral, cruel, and cunning but their presence is what makes a thriller worth watching. Though you’d not love to interact with them in person, we can’t overlook the fact that these fictional personas are the soul of a suspense-driven story. Similarly, Zee Marathi’s Devmanus has kept the viewers hooked to their screens with a modern-age evil Dr. Ajit in the spotlight.

Throughout its episodic saga, the show has treated us with many twists and turns. While we hate Ajit’s antics, the makers keep us figuring out how he might get caught in the act. Similarly, the recent happenings have once again raised our excitement as Divya’s ACP avatar came to light. As she’s trying to connect the loose ends in Manjula’s death mystery, here’s how she can frame Ajit through her investigation.

Saro Ajji’s Revelations

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In the recent episode, we saw Saro Ajji opening up to Divya about Manjula’s tragic life. While Saro Ajji couldn’t reveal much due to Mangal’s presence, Divya became suspicious of their strange behavior. Also, the new evidence has already changed the accident case to a murder mystery. And Amar’s revelation of Ajit’s visit prior to the tragic incident has got Ajit under the list of suspects. 

New Findings In Sanju’s Case

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Sanju’s missing case has now taken a new turn after Nana getting caught. The police have found out Sanju’s ‘phony land deal’ plan. And if Nana reveals the reasons behind framing this plan, Ajit might land in another trouble. Remember, Sanju had faked the land deal in order to catch Ajit red-handed. 

If Divya gets aware of the same angle she will definitely interrogate Ajit and his involvement in Manju’s series of land dealings. It was Ajit who ruined Manju’s plans of leaving the village along with her husband.

Vijay’s Personal Investigation

A still from Devmanus
Source: ZEE5

ACP Divya is thoroughly investigating Manju’s death mystery while also connecting it with past tragedies in the village. So, she can find a connection between Reshma’s missing case, Sanju’s missing case, and Manju’s death. The only person who’s linked to these three mysteries is none other than Dr. Ajit. 

Also, Vijay is personally investigating the truth behind the disappearance of his wife Reshma. Vijay was one of the influential people in the village who fell under the trap of Ajit and lost it all. Yet through his contacts, he might get to the real truth soon. And compiling these events, Divya can frame Ajit as a prime suspect.

Well, it remains to be seen how the mystery unfolds here.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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