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Devmanus: 3 Possible Duos Who Could Team Up To Expose Dr. Ajit!

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March 16, 2021

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Ajit has always managed to forge plans for his great escapes. However, if these character duos team up, they can definitely unmask Ajit and his devious acts.

Villains breathe life into thrilling dramas. While we love to hate them, we need to admit the fact that we also keep rooting for their devious escapades. And we find ourselves completely involved in their life story. However, that is something that makes for an intense and gripping watch when our beloved heroes would save the day. Similarly, Zee Marathi’s Devmanus has kept the viewers glued to their screens with the intriguing and engaging story of Dr. Ajit and his victim-hunting saga.

Dr. Ajit is a notorious man who has learned to use the flaws of society and law for his personal benefit. Be it his amorous affairs or him duping the villagers of money, Ajit has cleverly weaved some great stratagems. However, with the recent happenings, a ray of hope has surfaced with ACP Divya’s thorough investigation. And viewers are figuring out how Ajit might get exposed. 

So, here’s taking a look at some possible character duos who might team up to expose Ajit and his cruel acts.

ACP Divya and Saro Ajji

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ACP Divya is totally immersed in the ongoing investigation. And recently, when Saro Ajji made some revelations about Manjula, Divya seemed interested. Also, Ajji was the one who had a suspicion that someone had hid a dead body behind the Wada. Going by all these events, Divya definitely needs to have a conversation with Ajji. She might get some interesting insights and can rethink on her flourishing relationship with Ajit.

Earlier, the viewers believed that Saro Ajji and Manjula could team up to expose Ajit. But unfortunately, Manju too ended up being a victim. Now, there are chances that Divya can get more aware of Manju’s case through Ajji. Eventually, they can team up in creating problems for Ajit.

Vijay and Amar

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Vijay and Amar’s life took an unexpected and tragic turn after the death of their wives Reshma and Manjula. Also, Manju was Vijay’s best friend and her sudden death gave him a reality check. Vijay had decided to personally investigate the truth behind his wife Reshma’s death. He can get in touch with Amar to scout upon the incidents that took place prior to Manju’s accidental demise. 

And they can definitely find a similar connection between their wives’ death i.e., none other than Dr. Ajit. Further, getting together they can create plans to unmask Ajit and discover his real intentions.

Namya and Bajya

Stills from Devmanus
Source: ZEE5

Earlier, after Suresh Bapu’s murder, Bajya took an oath that he would discover the truth behind mysterious happenings in the village. But his faith in Ajit has always restricted him from doing the right thing. However, Namya on the other hand envies Ajit as he had found a strange link of him behind Manju’s tragedies.

And going by Bajya and Namya’s friendship, the latter can definitely make Bajya realize his mistake. Both of them can team up together to investigate the strange events happening in the village.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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