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Dev DD 2 Garners Applause For Great Performances, Critics Call It ‘Entertaining And Engaging’: Read Reviews

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February 26, 2021

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Asheema Vardaan’s comeback as Devika has impressed the audience and her fans. While everyone is appreciating the conceptual storyline of Dev DD 2, here’s what the critics had to say.

If February has picked up your interest with exquisite and riveting romantic dramas, you’ve probably heard of ZEE5’s latest release Dev DD 2. Another cinematic version of the classic Devdas is laden with great concepts and top-notch performances. The show is getting widely appreciated by the audience for its norm-breaking yet entertaining storyline. Dev DD 2 has been streaming for a week and has already gotten the internet talking about it.

Featuring Asheema Vardaan, Sanjay Suri, and Nauheed Cyrusi, Dev DD 2 is garnering rave reviews from the fans. While fans have already hailed it as a great conceptual version of Devdas, here’s what the critics had to say about the show.

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Binged – Sanjay Suri “The Star”

Appreciating Sanjay Suri’s performance in Dev DD 2, the critic wrote, “Sanjay Suri is the star of the show. He is refined, restrained, and oozes sophistication, conveying a lot in very little.” The review further appreciated the contribution of character actors as it read, “ It’s good to have Nauheed Cyrusi Contractor back on screen. She pulls off her role efficiently.’

The reviewer further added, “Rashmi Adgekar and Rumana Molla put in great performances as two girls in love, grappling with societal taboos.” Summing up the show in one line, the critic wrote, “Dev DD Season 2 is infused with a refreshing irreverence that entertains and engages.”

BookMyShow “Myriad Of Powerful Scenes”

Defining the interesting concept of Dev DD 2, the reviewer stated the show as “A gender reversal take on Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s Bengali novel Devdas, this show follows Devika Dharam Dwivedi aka Dev DD aka Vicky (Asheema Vardaan) as she navigates life, love, and friendships.” Here, the critic hailed the performances and wrote, “Asheema Vardaan is, for a lack of a better word, kickass as Devika.” 

The review highlighted Asheema’s “author-backed” role with the “best lines, relatable repartees” matched up perfectly through “a myriad of powerful scenes.” The critic went on to appreciate Sanjay Suri’s performance as Anurag and Rashi Adgekar’s “delightfully feisty” Chandni. Saying that the review concluded by naming “the trio” as the soul of the story.

CineBlitz “Devika Wins Hearts”

Dev DD 2 essayed  “a never-before-seen version” of Devika Dharam Dwivedi, the critic appreciated the apt portrayal of the female lead. The reviewer adds, Devika’s “beautiful, vulnerable, feminine version” captures hearts. The review also highlights the “twists and turns” of the story, and “new friendships” as the USP of Dev DD 2.

The critic wrote, “The series is extremely empowering not just for women but it champions people of every gender, race, religion and sexual orientation out there.” Appreciating the “flawless” performances and “clever” screenplay, the review concluded by stating that season 3 is “likely” on the lines.

So, that’s how the critics hailed the innovative take of Dev DD 2. Even the audience is vibing over the elegance and charm of Devika’s story. Here are a couple of  Twitter reactions as fans have started showering their love and appreciation.

For those unaware, Dev DD 2 follows the story of Devika and the complications in her love life. Adapted from the classic Devdas, this episodic saga marks another great and conceptual version of the novella. The show is high on drama, comedy, and some top-notch performances. If you haven’t watched Dev DD 2 yet, you should definitely add it to your watchlist.

Dev DD 2 is now streaming on ZEE5.

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