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Dev DD 2: Decoding Asheema Vardaan’s Free-Spirited Personality And Labels She Battled

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March 30, 2021

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Devika has been the attractive and badass female lead who can have her own stand and outwit other characters with her intelligence. Here’s what sets her apart from her contemporaries.

The fictional world not only offers us the right dose of entertainment but often treats us with reality checks. While we are fascinated with its dream world, we love watching our favourite characters overcoming conflicts and hardships. And many times in this populated space of heroic protagonists, there comes a flawed character whom we can relate to. These characters end up becoming one of our favourites. Similarly, Devika Dwivedi from ZEE5’s Dev DD 2 has stolen our hearts with her free-spirited avatar.

In this adaptation of classical romance Devdas, Devika is in the spotlight. The way she deals with the complications of her love life, tackling the societal stereotypes, gives us an insight into her rebellious character. And Devika has been the attractive and badass female lead who can have her own stand and outwit other characters with her intelligence.

Though she may have some flaws, overcoming these shortcomings is what makes a character ‘hero’ in the true sense. So, here’s taking a look at labels Devika carries that defines her free-spirited persona.

Shameful And Misfit

Though her family and friends try to feed her with ‘moral’ values, Devika has an interesting take and different outlook on every situation. This is one of the reasons why we love her character. For others, it may be a forbidden act, but if it is right with Devika’s perspective then there’s no one who can stop her from doing that.

For instance, when she gets over her relationship with Anurag and tries to find her perfect soulmate in Paritosh. Everyone judges her based on her ‘quick jumps’ in love life yet she believes in her self-worth and decides to cheer up in life rather than being depressed over one failed relationship.

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Blunt, Bold And Badass

There’s nothing that can restrict Devika from having a fearless andaaz. She’s not the one who can stick to the ‘societal imagery’ of women. Remember when she organizes a party for the women in Jaipur and surprises everyone with her true self. Though her mother supports her, the other members of the family taunt her. And to their response, she has a perfect comeback.


“Respect is a two-way street,” is something Devika believes in. While she’s an angel for the ones who treat her with respect, she’s a devil for the ones who try to bash her. For instance, Mrs Marva has always been under Devika’s radar for her bad behaviour. Marva never misses a chance to put Devika down in her difficult times and hence Devika comes up with the right plans to give her a dose of her own medicine.

These are a few things and principles Devika follow and that’s something that sets her apart from the rest of her contemporaries. She has become one of the atypical fictional characters of all time.

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