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Dark 7 White’s Thrilling Plot and Strong Narrative Had The Audience Hooked, Always!

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December 30, 2020

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The viewers follow the golden rule of solving the mysterious puzzle yet end up guessing the wrong culprit. Here’s how Dark 7 White got everything right as a Whodunit.

Whodunit is among the most favourite genres of movie buffs as it keeps them engaged in solving the mystery themselves. And if the heart of a whodunit is at the right place, it turns out to be the best watch for the viewers. The elements of surprises, sinister plot sequences and top-notch performances are a perfect recipe for a mysterious puzzle. And in a similar instance, Zee5’s recently released show Dark 7 White has got everything alright in its politically-driven narrative.

While power and politics are the central themes of the show, it takes a high pitch note like a murder mystery where all the characters-suspects are introduced initially followed by an unlined map of the plot where the story has actually ended, and the rest of the act is completely about Who-Dun-It? Dark 7 White unfolds as a murderous puzzle keeping viewers obsessively guessing the culprit, and most of the time they end up guessing the wrong person.

However, the ending of Dark 7 White never disappoints its viewers firstly because of its unexpected climax and most importantly making the viewers partially right in their game of guessing the main character Yudhvir’s ultimate enemy. And here’s how they managed to do so:

Inspection and Probability

A still from Dark 7 White
Source: Zee5

A murder is committed, the game of guessing begins. In the first episode, we are introduced to all the characters related to Yudi and are a part of this puzzle. The viewers know it is going to be someone among them, that’s a free clue they get at the beginning. Further, they go on to inspect the characters themselves and the probability of which of them might be the real culprit. Dark 7 White creates a base for this game where viewers try to unleash their knowledge of mysteries.

Characters with a motive like Kush and Yogesh here, characters obsessed with the victim – we have Neelu, etc. And these characters make up the list of culprits by the time we reach the middle of the show.

The Golden Rule

A still from Dark 7 White
Source: Zee5

The viewers then go on to follow the golden rule of a mystery which goes as, “The culprit is someone the viewers would least suspect.” And in that case, here in Dark 7 White, there’s no possibility the viewers could completely trust on but the golden rule is there for a reason which actually turns out true in the end. However, the viewers never lose the game completely like the ending of Dark 7 White maps perfectly as they would’ve guessed. The list of their culprits matches but they never succeed in attempting the crime.

Dark 7 White now streaming on Zee5.


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