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Daar Ughad Baye 16 May 2023 Written Update: Everyone worries about Mukta’s surgery

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May 17, 2023

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Renuka expresses her feelings and apologises to Vaijayanti. Jaya tells her dream to Ambika and Dutta. Everyone worries about Mukta’s surgery. Later, at the hospital, Mukta gets ready for the surgery.

In the previous episode of Daar Ughad Baye, Sarang reassures Mukta about her surgery, and she requests him to make her a promise. Raosaheb prays to the Goddess for Mukta. Bhausaheb is enraged by Yuvraj’s cruel behaviour.

In the latest episode of Daar Ughad Baye, Renuka asks Vaijayanti about Mukta. She then thanks Vaijayanti for always being there for her and loving her. An emotional Renuka asks Vaijayanti a question while expressing her feelings about the mothers. Vaijayanti gets teary-eyed while Renuka apologises to her. That’s when Vaijayanti tells Renuka about a relationship between a mother and her baby. Renuka talks to Vaijayanti about Mukta. Meanwhile, Ambika expresses her anger about Mukta to Dutta. That’s when Dutta tells Ambika that Raosaheb is stone-hearted. At the same time, Jaya arrives and expresses her feelings to Ambika and Dutta. She gives Ambika and Dutta a promise. Then, Jaya tells Dutta that Raosaheb is involving her in their business. She also gives her earnings to Ambika. Gayatri tells Madhavi about the things she learnt from Mukta. She then tells Madhavi about her mistakes. That’s when Madhavi realises her talent. Gayatri then asks Madhavi to think bad about Mukta. Gaja asks Bhakti a question and expresses his worry about Mukta. Bhakti comforts Gaja. Meanwhile, Vaijayanti and Raosaheb think about Mukta and her surgery. Renuka also breaks down in tears while thinking about Mukta. At the same time, Sarang stares at Mukta, who is asleep and cries.

The next morning, everyone gets worried about Mukta’s surgery. Chandrakala and Madhavi get into an argument. That’s when Renuka sides with Madhavi and convinces Chandrakala. Chandrakala makes a prayer to the Goddess. Gayatri suggests a plan to make everyone smile. Before Mukta’s surgery, Raosaheb gives Mukta a locket and encourages her. Vaijayanti and Sarang reassure Mukta. Atmaram tells Mukta that she has to become a famous sambal player. Mukta hugs Vaijayanti and Kusum while tears in her eyes.

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