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Daar Ughad Baye 12 May 2023 Written Update: Raosaheb asks questions to Vedh

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May 17, 2023

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Mukta talks to Vedh’s family about breaking gender stereotypes. Raosaheb questions Vedh about Renuka. Vedh’s parents get enraged with him. Vaijayanti makes a guess about Mukta, delighting everyone.

In the previous episode of Daar Ughad Baye, due to Ambika’s ploy, Vedh’s mother asks Vishvasrao to invite Raosaheb home to fix Renuka and Vedh’s marriage date. Later, Raosaheb asks Vedh to make Poha, leaving Vishvasrao enraged.

In the latest episode of Daar Ughad Baye, Mukta talks to Vedh’s mother about breaking gender stereotypes. Ambika agrees with Vishvasrao’s statements, but Mukta makes an effort to persuade him to support women’s empowerment. She advises Vishvasrao that rather than staying at home and doing chores, women should go out and work to make money. Vishvasrao asks Raosaheb if he wants Vedh to stay with them. Then, talking about his family system, Vishvasrao tells Raosaheb that they are not going to make any changes in their house. But Mukta tells Vishvasrao that Renuka and Vedh should take their decisions. Meanwhile, Ambika gets irked by Mukta’s words. Vedh tells Renuka that he is very proud of her. Vishvasraos’s brother then talks about the wedding date. At the same time, Raosaheb asks Vishvasrao about the party, leaving Ambika delighted. Renuka lies to everyone about the food prepared by Vedh. Then, everyone likes the dish made by Vedh, and his parents get shocked. They start questioning him. Vedh’s mother asks him if he intends to help Renuka in cooking food for the rest of his life. However, Vedh tells her that he and Renuka are dividing the responsibilities between them. Raosaheb then asks a few questions to Vedh. He tells Vedh about Renuka’s anger and asks him a question. His answer leaves Raosaheb delighted, but his mother gets irked. Raosaheb shares with Vedh Renuka’s desire to eat dinner at midnight. Vaijayanti tells Vedh’s family about Renuka’s cooking skills. Raosaheb tells Vedh if Renuka fights with his mother then who will he support? On hearing Vedh’s reply, everyone gets stunned. Raosaheb then makes fun of Vedh. Just as Nagarkar leaves, Vedh’s family looks at Vedh with anger. While going home, Raosaheb talks about Vedh and his test. Vedh’s parents vent their rage at Vedh. Vishvasrao then warns Vedh about Renuka. Vedh’s mother badmouths Mukta but Vedh takes her side. Meanwhile, Mukta’s stomach starts paining and everyone gets worried. But Vaijayanti makes a guess leaving everyone delighted.

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