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Daar Ughad Baye 02 June 2023 Written Update: Vedh’s mother learns about Mukta’s Parents

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June 8, 2023

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Ambika shares her plan with Madhavi. Renuka’s wedding rituals begin. Raosaheb sees Ambika talking to Vedh’s mother and grows suspicious. Vedh’s mother turns furious on learning about Mukta’s parents.

In the previous episode of Daar Ughad Baye, Ambika instigates Ved’s mother against Mukta. The next day, Mukta’s parents arrive for Renuka’s wedding. Meanwhile, Ambika decides to use Madhavi for her plan against Mukta and instigates her.

In the latest episode of Daar Ughad BayeVedh and his family receive a warm welcome from the Nagarkars. Raosaheb greets Vishvasrao, who proceeds to make a statement that fills everyone with delight. Curiosity piqued, Raosaheb inquires about Vishvasrao’s sister. Meanwhile, Janaki asks Atmaram and Kusum to assist her with carrying her bags, which brings a sense of joy to Ambika. However, Atmaram and Kusum are shocked when Janaki addresses them as servants. In a fit of anger, Atmaram expresses his frustration and asks Kusum not to stand with the Nagarkars. Sensing an opportunity, Ambika approaches Madhavi and puts on an emotional act in front of her, manipulating her into agreeing to ruin Mukta’s life. Ambika requests Madhavi’s assistance in exposing Mukta and her family in front of Vedh’s family, but Madhavi insists on a promise from Ambika. Delighted by Madhavi’s condition, Ambika reminisces about how Mukta had exposed Dutta in front of everyone. She then instructs Madhavi to bring Mukta’s sambal. When Madhavi poses a question, Ambika confidently expresses her firm belief.
Meanwhile, the wedding ritual of Renuka and Vedh commences, evoking memories for Raosaheb and Vaijayanti. Sarang notices Atmaram and Kusum standing behind everyone and brings them forward. Janaki, irked by their presence, becomes increasingly suspicious of them and decides to speak to Ambika. Just as Janaki questions Ambika about Atmaram and Kusum, Ambika’s delight is evident. Raosaheb observes Janaki conversing with Ambika and approaches Mukta to discuss Ambika’s scheme. He informs Mukta about Ambika’s conversation with Janaki, seeking reassurance from her. As Ambika takes Janaki into a room, Raosaheb and Mukta confront Dutta about Ambika’s plot.
Janaki persistently tries to inquire about Atmaram and Kusum from Ambika, simultaneously noticing Mukta’s sambal and seeking an explanation. The revelation that the sambal belongs to Mukta leaves Janaki shocked. Meanwhile, Mukta grows concerned about Ambika’s actions. Ambika divulges to Janaki that during Navratri, Mukta had visited their house to play sambal, and Sarang had fallen in love with her, resulting in their marriage. Ambika fuels Janaki’s resentment towards Mukta by recounting certain incidents and highlighting the changes that occurred in the family after Mukta’s arrival. Ambika urges Janaki not to disclose Mukta’s secret to anyone. However, an enraged Janaki berates Ambika for concealing the truth from her. While Janaki engages in a conversation with Ambika about Renuka’s wedding, Raosaheb and Mukta arrive. Janaki accuses Raosaheb of deceit, leading to a pivotal moment as she calls off Renuka and Vedh’s wedding, leaving Raosaheb and Mukta in a state of shock.

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