Clint Eastwood is back on the saddle with upcoming film Cry Macho

Clint Eastwood is back on the saddle, with his upcoming film Cry Macho set in typical 1970s-drama


September 12, 2021


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It has been a long journey for Clint Eastwood, from chasing outlaws in the wild west, driving a fortified bus through a barrage of gunfire to playing ‘Mule’ at the hands of contraband smugglers. But even in his 90s, he is not through with his passion for playing cowboys.

Clint Eastwood is back with his gun-slinging and trigger-happy buddies and feeling the saddle between his legs in his new cowboy movie ‘Cry Macho’ which will not only put this great grat actor-director into the Ranch but also bring back the passion of cowboy movies. The last best cowboy movie Eastwood acted in was the Pale Rider in 1985.

He will ride again in Cry Macho with the horses with no blinders, a Smith and Wesson tucked into the saddle, however, his blazing Havana Cigars may be missing. The filmmakers also found an original replacement for his iconic Stetson hat and the characteristic John Wayne jeans stitched in the wire. Not for long now his comeback to his riding days will be shown on posters with the same kind of silhouette wearing the crossbelt gun holster.

All about the film

The producer of Cry Macho -Tim Moore in a feature he aired on the net says his silhouette figure is definitely a winner and his executive producer David M. Bernstein concurs “The silhouette of him with the hat is immediately recognizable.” Cry Macho will be hitting screens in theatres all over the English-speaking world on 17 September in multiplexes.

The film is set in typical 1970s-drama he stars as Mike Milo a Rodeo star of the county and a horse breeder and trainer who has been tasked with escorting a young Mexican Boy (Eduardo Minett) across the border to his father’s home in Texas.

Along the way, the journey is troubled when he reconnects with his past Eastwood, and Cry Macho is one unit when storytelling happens. Johnny Cash saw it on the clouds in his song Riders in the Sky, Every American kid of 1970-2000 would like to say the dialogue “go ahead make my day” Like every cowboy film, great country music embellishes the ‘Cry Macho’ background score as one can understand from the promo.

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