Chembarathi May 05 Written Update: Akhila sees Kalyani at the temple

Akhila arrives at the temple. To know what happens next on Chembarathi Watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!


May 5, 2021



2 min


In the previous episode of Chembarathi, Aravind lashes out at Nandana for requesting him to go to the office. Later, Sivaramakrishnan requests Subramaniam to help change Anand’s mind. Meanwhile, Anand’s words terrify Vilasini.

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In the latest episode of Chembarathi, Anand gets bitten by a scorpion. Kalyani tends to Anand. Anand gets better by night. Later, Kalyani and Anand share a romantic moment. Kalyani goes to the shop and gets an English newspaper for Anand. Kalyani prepares tea for Anand and gives him the paper. Anand takes the paper from her and feels happy that Kalyani is looking into his necessities. 

Anand tells Kalyani to stop buying paper as they can’t afford it. Later, Anand informs Kalyani that he has plans to start a business. Kalyani agrees to support him. Kalyani visits the temple and prays for everyone’s well-being. Akhila arrives at the temple and speaks to the swami about performing a puja in her name. The swami tells Akhila that the puja has already been performed in her name by a girl. He points to Kalyani at the temple. Akhila is stunned on seeing Kalyani but chooses to ignore her.

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