Cheers! My Love Review: Riya Sen Steals The Show And The Music Is The Cherry On Top

Riya Sen’s new project is here to mesmerize you. The Poison actor has starred alongside Swapnnil Ralkar to let you know what happens when a husband finds out about his wife’s affair. Watch what happens next in ZEE5’s short film Cheers! My Love.

Tanvi Dhote

October 29, 2020

Original Series

4 min


Director: Nilip Deb

Cast: Riya Sen, Swapnnil Ralkar

The Plot

What happens when marriage gets tainted by an extramarital affair? Well, this situation has received a new fate through ZEE5’s latest short film, Cheers! My Love. In this Hindi-English drama short film, Riya Sen and Swapnnil Ralkar are playing the role of a married couple.

In this new ZEE5 short film, Riya Sen’s character is cheating on her husband. Right from the first scene in the film, her husband’s plight adds a hint of misery to the plot. While Swapnnil Ralkar’s character is well aware about this affair, he seems to have lost hope and resorts to an option that nobody could predict. While Swapnnil is drowning in misery, Riya is enjoying the attention she is receiving from her lover.

What you should look forward to

Riya Sen and Swapnnil Ralkar share a chemistry that keeps this film alive. Even though, their marriage is no hanging by a thread due to this affair, their false pretence also works wonders. Cheers! My Love is a short film, still, its intense drama gives the viewer a chance to think of an ample amount of possibilities for its climax. The film has been shot in black and white. This is a clever choice by the director Nilip Deb and his crew.

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Since the film deals with a serious issue, the B&W scenes add an element of intensity to its dramatic plot. Moreover, the B&W scenes make sure that we stay connected to the film’s plot and its dialogues, whether it is during Swapnnil’s monologue or when Riya is waiting for her love on the side of the street. Even though Cheers! My Love is in Hindi and English; its dialogues will keep you hooked till the end. The background score of Cheers! My Love blends well. It fits well with every scene and creates a perfect atmosphere. The score will haunt you even after the film ends.

What does this short film miss out on?

Cheers! My Love has many aspects that contributed wonderfully to its final cut. But during these 11 minutes, Swapnnil’s performance fails to match Riya’s ease on screen. This results in some scenes being plastic and losing a spark the plot has to offer. But the final scene acts a saviour for this film.

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Final Thoughts on ZEE5’s Cheers! My Love

Cheers! My Love is a gripping short film. Riya Sen and Swapnnil Ralkar have performed well. The film makes sure to convey their story and does not divert its attention from the plot, hence the climax works in its favour.

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