Chala Hawa Yeu Dya: 5 Hilarious Moments With Gondya Ala Re’s Bhushan Pradhan, Sunil Barve

Rukmini Chopra

August 14, 2019


1 min

1. Inspector Ganeshpure

This week’s episode of Chala Hawa Yeu Dya featured the team of ZEE5’s upcoming original Marathi series Gondya Ala Re. The members included Bhushan Pradhan, Sunil Barve, amongst others and they were accompanied by Sanjay Jadhav and Bharat Dabholkar. The cast of CHYD put up a skit on film Saccha Jhoota and started the episode with Bharat Ganeshpure’s entry as ‘Inspector Ganespure.’

Watch the whole episode here.

In a hilarious moment, Bharat is in conversation with his fellow comedian Sagar Saggi, who tells him about a gangster on the loose. And our inspector Ganeshpure confirms the information, in an intense manner saying, “Yes, you are absolutely right!” Then he looks at the audience and says, “Since I am a senior inspector, I have to show my worth so went a little extra.” Haha! Don’t miss this fun moment in the episode above.

2. Rita's 'shocking' entry

Shreya Bugde makes her entry as the heroine- a police inspector- Rita. She comes jiving in and doing the hook step of the 80s. Bharat and Sagar join in and the latter picks up the phone to make a call and starts moving in a weird way. Bharat asks him what’s the matter and Shreya says, “He’s not dancing, he is getting electrocuted from the landline’s wire.”

3. Bhau Kadam's entry as Rajesh Khanna

Bhau makes his entry as Rajesh Khanna’s character Bhola from the film. The comedian manages to leave the audiences in splits again, this time, with his top act as Rajesh. From the dialogue delivery to the hand actions, Bhau’s impression of our beloved Kaka is right on point.

4. Kushal Badrike aka Ranjit

Kushal makes his entry as Ranjit, who is the double role of Rajesh Khanna’s character Bhola from the film. He breaks into a dance and after a few steps, starts using his inhaler as he’s out of breath. This is just too funny to miss!

5. Ranjit makes fun of Ruby

Ranjit is followed by a comedian who plays Ruby. As she introduces herself, Ranjit looks at her and says, “She looks like a chunne ka dabbi but calls herself Ruby.” You can only imagine the audience’s reaction to this funny line.

Check out the episode above and tell us about your favourite moment in the comments section below! Catch all the episodes of Chala Hawa Yeu Dya, streaming for free on ZEE5. 

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