Mrunal Thakur

Mrunal Thakur


A Thakurain of Hearts

Mrunal Thakur is a girl with a winning personality and is making it big in the Industry. She started with her journey on TV but has now managed to make an impact on multiple industries. Her simplicity and elegance make us a huge fan of her. She is the Thakurain of our hearts.

The Sivagami We'll Never Get to See

Bahubali, in today's time, is one of the most beloved franchises in Indian cinema right now. When Netflix announced the prequel series with Mrunal playing a young Sivagami, we were justifiably excited. This was supposed to be her big breakthrough and pushed her through stardom. Unfortunately, the Tv series got canned and is being completely reshot with a whole new cast. Mrunal couldn't return to play the role because of scheduling conflicts. The fact that we will never get to see this version of the role is truly sad.

Don't feel too bad for her because she's one of the busiest actresses in the industry.

The Love Sonia Connection

The movie that truly brought Mrunal to the spotlight is the 2018 film, Love Sonia. She played the role of a prostitute and brought a level of conviction to it that blew everyone away. She was chosen from more than 2500 women who auditioned for the role. In many ways, one can say that she was meant for this role because of her childhood connections.

When Mrunal was little, her grandfather used to tell stories about the poor farmers who sold their daughters. Being a kid, she didn't understand the story, but it stayed with her. Years down the line, when she was doing this movie, it all connected with her.

It's strange how the universe has a way of connecting things.

Aamir Khan Was Blown Away Be Her Performance

When Love Sonia was released, Aamir Khan was one of the industry people who watched it. He was completely blown away by her performance and offered her a role in Thugs of Hindostan. She, however, refused the role because she had to sign a three-film contract with YRF. Mrunal felt like if she signed the contract, it would inhibit her career. In retrospect, this was the right move, as we all know what happened with the movie.

Mrunal's Inspiration To Be Better

Mrunal Thakur is one of the actresses who are incredibly obsessed with her characters. She has been recently playing characters that are strong and independent women. Her reel life is inspiring her in real life to be a strong individual.

Mrunal talks about the Ananya character in the Toofaan who is a bastion of equality and liberal ideology. It inspires her greatly to change her perceptions in life and how she can be the same for others. It is truly a beautiful sentiment from Mrunal, and she is constantly evolving as a person for the better.

Two-Year Self-Journey Trip

After doing the movie Love Sonia, there was a huge gap of two years where she didn't have much to do. During this time, Mrunal decided to start travelling and exploring herself better. These are some of the cliff notes of her journey-

  • She spent time travelling with a fitness group.
  • She learned the art of Tai Chi and Kalaripayattu.
  • She overcame Aquaphobia and learned how to swim.

It wasn't all just self-exploration as she decided to move to Indonesia for six months. She was the leader of the Indon­esian remake of the popular Indian show Naagin.

Mrunal Thakur feels like all this time helped her become better as a person.

Mrunal's Story on Nepotism

While promoting the Ghost stories, she was asked about Nepotism and her opinion on it. She talked about how she was doing an interview, and when a star kid arrived, all the reporters ran towards them. Mrunal used this story to illustrate how the media promotes Nepotism, which is part of the problem.

It left all media houses a bit embarrassed, and they termed it "Mrunal being angry". After all, truth is sometimes too much to handle.

Mrunal Thakur is an actress that is evolving and improving her craft with every role. She hasn't hit her prime yet because there hasn't been that role that utilizes her talents fully. However, it is just a matter of time because she gets that role propelling to stardom.


01 July 1992 (age29) Nagpur, Maharastra, India

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