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Bigg Boss 15: Former Contestant Akasa Singh Cheers For Her Close Friend Pratik Sehajpal, Says, ‘Sab Kuch Dil Se Karta Hai’


November 30, 2021

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Former Bigg Boss 15 contestant Akasa Singh took to social media and is actively cheering for her closest friend Pratik Sehajpal very frequently. Read on to know more

Where on one side we all saw how the equations and loyalties are always being tested in the house, we also know that recent evictions had been surprising which proved to be an unexpected game-changer for the other contestants in the show and even before the bottom six eliminations we had seen Akasa Singh’s elimination which was baffling to the fans, audiences, netizens and mostly it had deeply affected Pratik Sehajpal who had become a close and sort of a best friend with Akasa Singh in the house.

Now post her eviction, the stunning B-Town singer who has been ardently watching Bigg Boss 15 from outside the house now as an audience and never misses the important highlights and episodes as well wherein her strong opinionated responses related to the gameplay of contestants and her constantly supporting Pratik Sehajpal also keeps her in limelight apart from her being a versatile singer with hit songs like Kheech Meri Photo, Naagin, Thug Ranjha and lastly Yaad Na Aana as well to her credits.

Where recently we have been seeing that in particular, Pratik Sehajpal has ended up becoming the audience and fans favorite and is getting so much love so much from the tinsel town and B-Town that even the biggest celebs including Nikki Tamboli, Gauahar Khan, Rani Mukerji, Ekta Kapoor, Surbhi Chandna, Akasa Singh and several others have also been applauding Pratik and his gameplay as well during their appearance as celebrity guests in the house and also via social media too and this overgrowing fanclub never stops as well.

Akasa took to her Twitter handle and wrote a tweet applauding Pratik Sehajpal for always being the best game player who is playing his game with total honesty and is not a part of the rat race inside the house as he has been very much passionate and solely focusing on playing his game right from the day one and is very strong about the stands that he has taken so far in the game to Salman Khan and this is the reason that even Salman and audiences along with fans are loving his game nowadays a lot and always he is seen praising Pratik for his improving game in every Weekend Ka Vaar.

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Akasa also mentioned that this one particular thing about Pratik which she likes the most is that whatever he does, he does it with his entire heart and that is why he has been labeled as the KING OF HEARTS PRATIK.

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