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Bigg Boss 15: Akasa Singh Reveals How She Believes In Resolving Fights And Not Being Desperate; Says, ‘I Believe In Resolving Fights’


November 28, 2021

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The former Bigg Boss 15 contestant Akasa Singh opens up while replying to a fan on Twitter on how she does not relate herself to being a person that always loves to cause controversies and fights in the context of Bigg Boss

Where on one side we all saw how the equations and loyalties are always being tested in the house, we also know that recent evictions had been surprising and even before the bottom six eliminations we had seen Akasa Singh’s elimination which was baffling to the fans, audiences, netizens and mostly it had deeply affected Pratik Sehajpal who had become a close and sort of a best friend with Akasa Singh in the house.

Now post her eviction, the stunning B-Town singer who has been ardently watching Bigg Boss 15 from outside the house now as an audience and also never misses the important highlights wherein her strong opinionated responses related to the gameplay of contestants also keeps her in limelight apart from her being a versatile singer with hit songs like Kheech Meri Photo, Naagin, Thug Ranjha and lastly Yaad Na Aana as well to her credits, Akasa took to her Twitter handle and responded to a fan’s burning question for her.

Wherein the fan mentioned how her eviction had been unfair and unjust since she’s too sweet for a controversial show like Bigg Boss and also adding how he prays that she gets in as a wildcard and plays the game this time and not be emotionally naive and vulnerable, giving her response to this, Akasa Singh wrote her response that read how she was initially too much trusting and easily trusted people.

She also mentioned how she had not watched Bigg Boss initially before going inside that house which is one of the main factors that she doesn’t know the ways and tricks related to how to grab any unnecessary footage in the show.

She also added how she is not a person that can fight unnecessarily as she from her heart is a person that loves to put a stop to people fighting and also is a peacemaker since she likes to be someone that can resolve the fights and arguments and not be a reason behind causing them or making it happen or also make a mountain out of a molehill by escalating them to another level altogether.

She also added that she wasn’t being her funny and talkative self at all as she was pissed off and also some people went on her nerves too much as she saw them faking it a lot only for the cameras and footage and she understood this fact late.

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