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Bicchoo Ka Khel: 10 Times Divyendu Sharma’s Akhil Hoodwinked Us And We Didn’t Even Know

Aditi Sharma

November 24, 2020

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Here’s a look at the incidents when Divyendu aka Akhil kept the audience on their feet with unexpected twists and mysteries.

Bicchoo Ka Khel is a ZEE5 original that released recently. The revenge drama features Divyendu Sharma, Anshul Chauhan, Mukul Chadda, Zeishan Quadri, Rajesh Sharma, Satyajit Sharma, and Gagan Anand in key roles. The mystery crime thriller centres on Akhil Shrivastav who becomes a prime suspect in the murder of an esteemed lawyer in Banaras. Akhil then narrates how he became “Bicchoo” and played a game to save his loved ones. Bicchoo Ka Khel has an intriguing storyline with several mysterious twists and turns to it. Here’s a look at several incidents where Akhil tricked the audience with his witty ways in the series.

  • Akhil tricks police to meet his father Babu

Akhil gets devastated after Babu gets arrested for Munna Singh’s murder. He plans to take him out and for the same tricks police by throwing a stone at Mahendra Singh. He is arrested by the police and just to meet Babu, he acts like he is drunk. This is how he is put in jail with his father where he explains him the strategy of taking him out of the jail.

Bicchoo Ka Khel
Source: ZEE5
  • Bicchoo meets Renu and threatens her by fooling Singh brothers

Bicchoo gets to know about a woman meeting Babu in jail and killing him. He confronts Promita and finds out she didn’t kill Babu. Later, he dresses up like a common worker to fool Mahendra Singh. Akhil finds Renu and threatens her to find out about Babu’s murder. Later, he escapes from the police by fooling them with a gas spread.

  • Akhil confronts Anil Chaubey for Babu’s murder

Akhil makes an effort to find about Babu’s murder. He fools the police officer by catching him with another woman just to find the footage of the woman who came to meet Babu. He confronts Anil Chaubey that he was the one to kill Babu by using Rajveer. Anil Chaubey gets stunned after hearing Akhil and tells him that he can never do anything about Babu’s murder. He also explains how the woman in the footage had a bandage on her hand the same as Rajveer.

  • Bicchoo plans a conspiracy against Rajveer by tricking police

Bicchoo has been trying to investigate the big scandal because of which his loved ones are affected. He knows about Rajveer being a part of it and therefore he sends the police, the video of the constable who helped him to meet Rashami. In turn, the police appoint the same constable to investigate Bicchoo. However, this turns out to be Bicchoo’s plan to save Rashami.

  • Akhil Shrivastav saves Rashami Chaubey

Akhil has been devastated with Rashami being in jail and therefore makes a plan against Rajveer. He follows Rajveer and confronts him. Rajveer fires a bullet when police try to save Bicchoo. In the court, Bicchoo explains that during the function, Rajveer was also not sitting on his seat when Anil Chaubey was killed. Thus he saves Rashami by explaining that Rajveer has the same gun which was used to kill Anil Chaubey. He also tricks police and the judge by saying that Rajveer had all motives to kill Chaubey as he wanted to lead the Banaras Redevelopment project.

Bicchoo Ka Khel
Source: ZEE5
  • Akhil tricks Goldy by sending him a phone and finding of his motives

Akhil follows Rajveer when he goes to the temple to deliver the phone for Goldy. Bicchoo uses the same trick and delivers a phone to Goldy. Goldy talks to Rajveer and tells about their plan. Akhil later listens to the audio and get to know about their evil motives behind Banaras redevelopment project.

  • Bicchoo fools Renu Singh to know about the evil plan of Goldy Singh

After Bicchoo knows about the evil plans of Goldy Singh, he tricks Renu Singh by making her believe that Goldy wants to kill her. He plans on killing Renu and later saves her to look like a nobleman. Thus Renu conspires against Goldy to help him.

  • Akhil joins hands with Mahendra Singh to trick Mukesh Chaubey

Akhil knows the fact that Mukesh Chaubey is the evil mastermind behind the big scandal and therefore he joins hands with Mahendra Singh in order to start the project and later create a scenario where Mahendra Singh is killed by Bicchoo. Thus, Mahesh Chaubey, till the end, was convinced that Mahendra Singh has been killed.

  • The big mystery of 9mm and 8mm bullet

Anil Chaubey’s murder became a big mystery because of the size of the bullet. Although it looked like Bicchoo killed Anil Chaubey, but the mystery was that Bicchoo was seen holding an 8 mm bullet gun while Anil Chaubey died by 9 mm bullet. This is how Bicchoo tricked everyone to actually find out the truth behind the big scandal of Banaras.

  • Who killed Anil Chaubey? 

Though it looked like Bicchoo killed Anil Chaubey but it was not the case. Bicchoo later explained that he fired a 9mm bullet in the seat before the function started and later shot Anil Chaubey but still he was not killed by Bicchoo. Till the end of the series, Bicchoo leaves fans in a complete dilemma about how he killed Anil Chaubey or did he even killed him?

Bicchoo Ka Khel
Source: ZEE5

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