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Bhanwar: Real Life Stories Of Time Travellers Who Claim They Have Mastered The #SamayKaJaal

Ankita Tiwari

August 14, 2020

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Just like Ranvir and Kanika Makhija time travel into the future with the help of a wormhole, these are the real-life incidents where people claim to have travelled through time.

Karanvir Bohra, Priya Banerjee, and Teejay Sidhu’s science fiction series Bhanwar will release on ZEE5 on August 18. This snackable series has about eight episodes which are 8-10 minutes long. The story revolves around a haunted house that the Makhijas rent. Their life turns upside down as soon as they move into this house. The Makhijas also time travel and visit their own future self! This is extremely interesting as the entire series was directed, produced, and shot during the lockdown by Karanvir Bohra and his team! The concept of the story is time travel, a far less ventured topic by the Indian contemporary media. Time travel has various different theories that are subject to debate. And yet, there are people who claim that they have travelled through time and visited the past or present! Read some of these stories below.

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1. John Titor: An enigmatic persona, John Titor was quite famous in the early 21st century. He started speaking on the time travel institute forums created online. He constantly kept asking for a part of his time machine. He claimed that he had come from the year 2034 and he knew a few calamities that were to strike the earth in the upcoming years. Nuclear war was one of those predictions that never occurred. John Titor was declared to be a hoax.

2. Charlotte Anne Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain: Two women visited the Palace of Versailles in France. They visited the Petit Trianon and suddenly lost themselves in a small lane. They stumbled through the lane into an opening where they witnessed strange men with three-point hats. They also witnessed a man with a long coat and a fair lady with a white hat. Moberly and Jourdain later realised that they had travelled back in time to the 1700s and had seen Marie Antoinette!

3. Rudolph Fentz: In a series of most astonishing events, the story of Rudolph Fentz will leave you amazed. A man who was hit by a car in Times Square on a fateful day of the year 1950 and died on the spot. Rudolph Fentz was in the possession of old bank currency from the 19th century and identity cards that had no significance. This is also an urban legend that many claim are untrue.

4. Andrew Carlssin: Another one of the most believable stories, Andrew Carlssin was a man who earned about 350,000,000 dollars from the stocks that he bought for a mere sum of 800 dollars! Andrew was arrested by the SEC and he told the government that he was a time traveller visiting from the future. He even said that he would give the cure of Aids and the hiding location of Osama Bin Laden in the year 2006. He mysteriously disappeared a few days later without any trace.

5. Paul Dienach: A professor who went into a coma for a year, awoke, and started writing a diary about the place he had visited. According to Paul, he had been in the body of a man in the year 2204! He even cited all the details of his stay there. Now is this an urban legend or a real story? You decide!

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