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Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18 March 2022 Written Update: Vibhuti exposes Chustarelal’s ploy of identity theft


March 23, 2022

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Rusa asks Chustarelal to seek Happu’s permission to marry her. Chustarelal bribes Happu. Later, Happu finds the money to be fake. Anita finds the real Saxena and Chustarelal’s identity is exposed.

In the previous episode of Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai, David tells Anita about Chustarelal having slapped Vibhuti and she heads out to confront Vibhuti about it. Vibhuti vouches for Chustarelal nonetheless, and even blames Tiwari for spoiling him. After Anita leaves, Chustarelal arrives and slaps Vibhuti again. Vibhuti final realises his mistake and chides Chustarelal. Tiwari complains to Angoori about Chustarelal but she favours him. Soon after, he enters the house and asks Tiwari to give one lakh rupees to him. Upon his refusal, Chustarelal takes out a gun and fires it into the ceiling after they mock it for being fake. Vibhuti arrives and complains to Tiwari about Saxena’s behaviour. Just then, Chustarelal slaps him again. Malkhan mourns to Tillu and Teeka about Rusa having a thing for Chustarelal and Tillu expresses his regret about having turned down Tiwari’s offer for adoption. They decide to do something about Chustarelal. Meanwhile, Chustarelal hlds Tiwari and Angoori captive in front of a gun setup and heads out to spend time with Rusa. While Rusa and Chustarelal spend romantic time at Anokhelal’s house, Teeka and friends arrive outside his house with an intention to beat him.

In the latest episode of Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai, Tiwari and Angoori sit in fear of the gun set up by Chustarelal. Tiwari tries to alleviate the stress through romance but fails miserably. Teeka and friends confront Chustarelal and try to convince her against being with Chustarelal, but Chustarelal uses his wit to take the cane from them and thrashes them up. They flee. Rusa then asks Chustarelal to ask Happu for her hand in marriage. Meanwhile, Anita speaks to David asking him about Vibhuti. Learning that Chustarelal had slapped him angers Anita and she heads out to look for Saxena. Upon reaching his house, she finds it locked but heads in through the window. Inside the bedroom, she finds him tied to the bedpost. At the police station, Vibhuti tries to get Happu to take action against Chustarelal for having slapped him, but Chustarelal slaps him again in front of Happu, who merely watches. At Tiwari’s house, Teeka and his friends mourn as Chustarelal announces his and Rusa’s engagement. But just then, Vibhuti arrives and proclaims that the engagement can’t happen, and brings in the real Saxena, who reveals the whole truth to everyone. Finding himself surrounded, Chustarelal tries to hold Rusa hostage at gunpoint but Happu beats him up, followed by Vibhuti.



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