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Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18 February 2022 Written Update: Vibhuti looks for Angoori’s earrings to impress her

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February 17, 2022

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Vibhuti promises to get Angoori the earrings that she wants. He steals the earrings from Teeka and friends by tricking them. Later, Vibhuti learns that Tiwari has already bought Angoori the earrings.

In the previous episode of Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai, Saxena listens to Vibhuti’s poetries and advises him to get himself ridiculed by the people whom he is close to. Tiwari recites romantic poetry for Angoori and she does the same for him. Pondering how to bring more pain into his poems, Vibhuti asks Anita to hurt him. She tells him the futility of it but attempts anyway. Vibhuti, unhurt by Anita, walks over to David and tells him about his problem. He tells David that he wants to prove to everyone that he is a better poet than Tiwari. David advises him to provoke Angoori and get himself insulted by her. Vibhuti goes to her and badmouths Tiwari, and Angoori hurls a slew of insults at him. Anita invites Zafar to her house and asks her about Vibhuti’s new tryst with poetry. Tiwari and Angoori arrive as well and Vibhuti recites his poetry, which Zafar dismisses as too vulgar, leaving only David to keep on praising Vibhuti. Tiwari then recites his poetry and everyone lauds him, much to Vibhuti’s envy. Soon, Saxena walks in and exposes it to everyone that Tiwari’s poetry is in fact copied from Saxena’s unpublished poetry book.

In the latest episode of Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai, Angoori cribs to Tiwari about some earrings that she saw at a jewellery shop. Tiwari dismisses her persistence and she tells him that they held sentimental value since they were identical to the ones gifted to her mother by her father. Later, Vibhuti walks in and asks Angoori the reason behind her distress and she tells him about the earrings and that Teeka and friends bought them instead. Vibhuti promises her that he would get the earrings for her and cut off his ears if he fails. Meanwhile, Teeka and friends fantasise about Rusa and gifting her the earrings that they got for her, as Vibhuti watches from a distance. At Tiwari’s place, Angoori stays upset with Tiwari and he promises Angoori to get her the earrings. Vibhuti tricks Rusa into hugging him as Teeka and friends watch with a broken heart. The throw away the earrings in despair and Vibhuti picks them up. But much to his disappointment, he discovers that Tiwari has already gotten Angoori the same earrings. Makhmal tries to nab Vibhuti for theft.

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