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Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10 March 2022 Written Update: Tiwari deduces Vibhuti to be the creator of ‘Chalu Chikni Chachi’


March 9, 2022

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Tiwari drapes Angoori’s saree on himself and Vibhuti secretly clicks his pictures. Later, Tiwari deduces Vibhuti to be the writer of ‘Chalu Chikni Chachi’ and devises a plan to nab him.

In the previous episode of Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai, Tiwari and Ammaji worry about the article questioning Tiwari’s lineage, published in Vibhuti’s anonymous magazine ‘Chalu Chikni Chachi’. Tiwari, Masterji, and Malkhan ask Happu at the police station to take action against the owner of the magazine that publishes sensationalised, often false gossip about the Modern colony residents. Happu dismisses their plea citing the anonymous nature of the magazine’s owner, and the other inspector mocks him for not looking into the matter and investigating it. David and Anita chat at their house. Soon, Tiwari walks in to vent his distress to Anita. Both David and Anita begin to mock and laugh at him as he hangs his head in shame. A couple of goons harass Rusa but Happu comes to her rescue. He thrashes the goons and Rusa hugs him out of gratitude. Meanwhile, Vibhuti spies on them and clicks their pictures during the hug. David and Anita insult Vibhuti while he eavesdrops on them from a distance. They then tell each other about the times when they served jail-time, and Vibhuti picks it up as potential gossip for the magazine. Happu finds out through Teeka and friends that his picture of a hug with Rusa has been published from a scandalous angle in ‘Chalu Chikni Chachi’. Soon after, he receives a call from the commissioner who hurls curses and insults at him. After hanging up, Happu suspects the paper boy, thinking of questioning him.

In the latest episode of Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai, Happu thrashes the paper boy suspecting him of being the person behind the magazine. He then gets Teeka and friends to join in as well, thrashing him further. Tiwari reads the magazine and finds out that an article has been published about Anita having served jail-time. Meanwhile, Anita scolds David, suspecting him of snitching on her and revealing her secret. She then kicks him out of the house. Moments later, Tiwari arrives to cheer her up but she shoos him away for applying salt on her wounds. Happu arrives soon after and shoos him away as well. David overhears Vibhuti and Prem celebrating the success of ‘Chalu Chikni Chachi’. He then approaches him and scolds him. At the tea stall, Happu tells Vibhuti and Tiwari that he would not spare the writer of ‘Chalu Chikni Chachi’ once he lays his hands on them. They mock him for not having taken the issue seriously until he fell victim to it himself. Later that night, Angoori puts her saree on Tiwari and loosely drapes it around his head. Vibhuti spies on him and clicks his picture right at that moment. The next day, everyone mocks Tiwari after his picture gets published. He then discusses and deduces the person behind ‘Chalu Chikni Chachi’ to be Vibhuti, using the method of elimination. He devises a plan involving Angoori to catch him in the act by luring him to his house for a business deal regarding the magazine. Vibhuti takes the bait and arrives in an effeminate disguise of ‘Chalu Chikni Chachi’.


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