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Best Of 2020: Ranking Some Of The Best Scenes We Saw This Year, From Black Widows To State Of Siege: 26/11

Tanvi Dhote

December 30, 2020

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2020 has been a difficult year for people but ZEE5’s Original content kept everyone entertained. Many shows and films featured some of the best scenes we have seen in the OTT space in 2020. Have a look at some of them.

ZEE5 has been premiering new shows and films for its viewers every month. This content has been entertaining throughout this difficult year. Now that 2020 is coming to an end, ZEE5 is ready with its new slate. Many new ZEE5 Originals are gearing up for their release. But before, we start binging on these new shows and films, here’s taking a look at some of the best scenes from 2020’s ZEE5 Originals.

1. Taish

Taish was a drama thriller that made headlines for all the right reasons. All thanks to its impactful script and well-executed screenplay. One of the best scenes from the series has to be the final chase between Rohan, Sunny and Pali. The outcome of this scene was totally unexpected. The stunning execution and background score makes this scene our ultimate favourite.

2. Bicchoo Ka Khel

Bicchoo Ka Khel is a must-watch ZEE5 Original for those who love to see good old Bollywood masala films. This show pays a major ode to Bollywood’s music from the 70s and 80s. Apart from the music, the show starts on a power-packed note. Since it does not follow a linear narrative, the first episode starts with Akhil’s interrogation. He raises your curiosity with his confession of murdering a lawyer, Anil Chaubey during his college’s annual function.

3. Dark 7 White

Dark 7 White is a treat for people who love political dramas. One of the best scenes from this Sumeet Vyas starrer scene is when Yudi wins his college election. Being a master manipulator he killed his opponent and formed the most powerful gang in his college. The scene where he stands tall in front of the entire college after his confirms how he tricked all his friends and benefitted from it has to be a show-stealer.

4. Black Widows

Just like Bicchoo Ka Khel, Black Widows’ opening scene takes the cake. The first episode starts with Mona Singh aka Veera’s monologue. Veera’s ends her monologue by talking about her day and how she never thought it would be her last. Then the scene progresses and all the three husbands are killed on their speed boat.

5. Naxalbari

Raghav aka Rajeev Khandelwal gets kidnapped by the naxals. This kidnapping becomes a nightmare for Raghav. Soon, Raghav realises that he belongs to the same village that he has been trapped in. One of the naxals leader takes him to the same place where his parents had committed suicide. This scene is one of the best scenes from Naxalbari and also sets the trajectory of the remaining story.

6. Mum Bhai

Bhasker Shetty’s progress in this ZEE5 Original is clearly visible. Apart from Rama and Bhasker’s amazing chemistry one of the best scenes from Mum Bhai has to be when young Bhasker confronts a journalist. This scene asserts how Bhasker is ready to get known as an encounter specialist. He makes sure that the journalist remembers his name and the goons do not get glorified as martyrs.

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