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Best Of 2020: From Aamir Ali To Annu Kapoor, Actors Who Played Polar-Opposite Roles In Different Projects This Year

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December 28, 2020

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As we gear up to bid adieu to this year, here’s taking a look at some of the interesting and polar-opposite characters played by these actors like Sumeet Vyas, Amit Sadh, Divyenndu and others.

While the year 2020 turned out to be a not-so-good experience for most of us, it was also the year when people turned to art and cinema for their comfort and escapism. The shows we opted for during this period weren’t typical and the year unexpectedly turned our laptop and mobile screens into virtual theatres. Many filmmakers experimented with their craft and the outcome was a treat for all of us. New and bold subjects were essayed and many actors surprised us with their remarkable performances.

And some performances truly paved their way into our hearts. While we were still getting over their on-screen personas, the actors presented us with an exact opposite portrayal in different projects that took us by surprise. It also made us realize their capabilities as an artist. As we get ready to bid adieu to 2020, here’s taking a look at the actors who portrayed polar-opposite roles in the same year.

Take a look:

Aamir Ali (Naxalbari and Black Widows)

Stills from Naxalbari and Black Widows
Source: Zee5

Naxalbari was one of those shows of 2020 that was filled with tons of surprises, and one such shocker was Ambar Keswani’s character who initially seemed like a silent evil but it was in the climax that he emerged as the mastermind of the Naxalite clan. That shift in character essayed by Aamir Ali was the biggest merit of the show.

While we were still busy appreciating his performance, the actor’s new persona as Eddie in Birsa Dasgupta’s Black Widows made us fall in love with his innocence. Going on the exact opposite track of Keswani, Eddie had comical undertones and was a jolly-type character who at times is a sweet Romeo but also a responsible father.

Sharad Kelkar (Darbaan and Black Widows)

Stills from Darbaan and Black Widows
Source: Zee5

A doting father in Darbaan who also shares an undefinable bond with his loyal servant Raicharan, Sharad Kelkar as Anukul is a lovable character. Anukul’s character is quite mature and we experience it through the way he deals with the news of his missing child. And there’s almost no similarity when it comes to Kelkar’s on-screen persona in Black Widows.

Being an abusive husband, Jatin also has a share when it comes to shady businesses. A violent character who acts before he thinks, Jatin is the exact opposite of Anukul.

Annu Kapoor (Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari and Paurashpur)

Stills from SPMB and Paurashpur
Source: Zee5

Annu Kapoor as Shantaram Kaka in Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari is a supportive father who always stands firmly with his daughter no matter what. He’s a family man who gives his daughter full freedom to lead her life the way she wants. Coming to Paurashpur, the veteran actor will portray the ruler of a misogynistic kingdom. He treats women as objects of lust and desire for a man with no freedom to decide the fate of their own bodies. 

Mona Singh (Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai and Black Widows)

Stills from KKHH and Black Widows
Source: Zee5

Though Ananya’s character has evolved throughout KKHH, she is basically a simple and independent woman and happens to fall in love with a married man whose marriage is almost over. Her character was driven by love. While in Black Widows, Mona Singh as Veera is driven by revenge over her abusive husband.

After facing the trauma of her troubled marriage, Veera decides to fight against it by plotting mysterious plans. Veera’s character definitely breaks the norm of female representation on the digital medium.

So, these were the characters who impressed us with their polar-opposite on-screen personas in 2020.

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