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Auto Shankar: 5 Things You Should Know About The Dreadful Criminal

July 26, 2019

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Auto Shankar is not your regular auto driver, someone in whose auto you would want to take a ride.

Auto Shankar has been in the news even before it began streaming on ZEE5. Now, as a viewer, this might have piqued your interest and you must have wondered as to why all this hype on the social platforms for a auto driver named Shankar. But let me warn you, Auto Shankar is not someone in whose auto you would want to take a ride. So, let me enlighten you about this whole hype.

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Here are five essential things that you must know before you start watching the series.

1.Humble beginnings:  Born as Gowri Shankar in the year 1955, in Vellore in Tamil Nadu, Auto Shankar had a meager beginning to boast about. It was his decision to move to Chennai that created a shift in the narrative of his life and gave him an exposure to the underdogs of the city.

2. The craze for cinema: His shifting to Chennai was partly for his means of survival but it was also influenced by his obsession for the Tamil movies. He was a movie buff and was heavily inspired by the Kollywood industry.

3. The rise of the criminal:  Once in Chennai, Auto Shankar took the job of a painter to make the ends meet. Later, in the early 80s, he changed his profession and became an auto driver and used to drive around for regular fares. It was with this profession that he found his true calling for incidentally he started ferrying sex workers in his auto for quick money.

4. Rise of a killer: Gradually with his growing influence he along with his brother Auto Mohan, formed a group of some like-minded criminals and started their operation of illegal activities in Thiruvanmiyur area of Chennai.

5. Killer on loose: With his steady growing influence his Modus Operandi also changed and he started going on a killing spree and kidnapping. His actions were so violent and shocking that gradually he became a nightmare for people in the locality.

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