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Rambo 2 Actress Ashika Ranganath Shares How Dancing Can Help Your Mental Well-Being


July 30, 2020

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Ashika Ranganath is all about trying out new dance forms. See how dancing can help you mentally!

Dancing has proven to be a therapeutic form of exercise which is not only beneficial for one’s physical health but also mental and emotional wellbeing. When a dance is set to music, it can create stress-relieving and joyful moments. Having said this, Ashika Ranganath has been chasing away her lockdown blues and stress by dancing regularly while also trying out new dance forms. Here’s how dancing can help you better your mental health!

Ability to Express Emotions

Dance therapy helps to express emotions that cannot be expressed verbally. A variety of music helps those dancing feel involved in the class and able to express themselves. Different people like listening to different songs. Some might like dancing to sad songs while some might like peppy numbers to express what they feel. Those who find it hard to verbally express what they feel.

Stress Relief

Any form of exercise is great for relieving stress that one might be experiencing in the mind and body. Dance does not only help in relieving physical stress for the body but it is also emotionally therapeutic. Since movement is related to thoughts and feelings, dancing can bring changes to emotions and attitudes in very less time.

Motor Skills Development

Dance is a great way to increase fitness in a fun and musical driven atmosphere. Different styles of dance including props such as ribbons can help those with limited mobility while encouraging to use those props while dancing. Stretching and deep breathing are also incorporated to strengthen muscles and increase flexibility. Focusing on strength and coordination as well as balance helps in developing gross motor skills development.

Ashika Ranganath
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Confidence and Self-esteem 

Dance therapy has been shown to increase confidence, social and communication skills as well as improve self-esteem and overall attentiveness in individuals. Being able to express their thoughts without having to say anything can not only make them feel emotionally lighter but also give them the confidence to talk and understand that they are being heard.

 Creativity and Imagination

Dance and movement require a lot of creativity in terms of the way one would like to move. It also encourages people to move about and understand their body. Once you start dancing, you become more creative in terms of how to go about a certain dance form and how to better the technique. Using imagination to bring out yourself in a dance form can be creatively challenging and exciting for a dancer.

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