Anushka From Paaru Will Inspire You With Some Simple Makeup Tricks This Valentine’s Day


February 14, 2020

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Use A Spoon For Mascara


We’re back with some more Valentine’s Day preparations. We hope your outfits and hairdo for the special day of love are ready and set to go! What’s remaining is some makeup to get the complete look for the day. For those who aren’t really into makeup and hence have not much of an idea about it, here are five makeup tricks inspired from the very beautiful Mansi Joshi aka Paaru, that you could use on Valentine’s Day!

Did you know that you could use a spoon to apply mascara? You read that right! Applying mascara can be a task sometimes. An easy way to do so is to place the end of the spoon underneath your lashes before, and then roll your mascara over it. Any excess mascara that might have come on to your face will end up on the back of the spoon instead. How cool is that right?

Make Your Lipstick Last Longer


Conscious about your lipstick wearing off? Here’s a trick that always works. Start by applying your lipstick as usual. Once that has been done, apply some translucent powder over it. This stops the lipstick from wearing off from your lips. Isn’t that a great hack?

Melt Your Liner


Creamy makeup products blend better when they’re warmed up. The same applies to your kohl liner. Melt the tip of the liner for a second or so, until it becomes a little warm and melts. Let it cool a little before you apply it and you’ll see how smoothly it runs over your eyelids.

Well, we can’t deny Mansi Joshi looks like an absolute goddess in this one.

The Perfect Foundation

Perfect Foundation

Want to look radiant this Valentine’s? Your skin might not always accommodate a glowing complexion. But if that’s what you want, then here’s a very useful trick! Mix a very small amount of golden or white eyeshadow into your foundation before applying it on your face. You’ll immediately notice a glow on your face.

Isn’t Anushka’s face glowing as ever in this picture?

Lighter Coverage

Perfect Foundation

Add one or two drops of argan oil before applying the foundation to get a lighter coverage of the same. The mixture creates a light smooth mixture that’ll easily glide onto your skin. The oil will create a certain glow and will help even out the light reflecting on your skin, thus helping you in wooing your better half on this special day of love!

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