Anupamaa: Anuj Kapadia Rejects Vanraj-Kavya’s Idea And Offers Anupamaa The Deal; Plot To Keep You Hooked

Anuj Kapadia praises Anupamaa’s idea and offers her the deal. Read on to know more about this high voltage drama.


September 14, 2021

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Anupama is one of the most popular shows on Indian television. The show is produced by  Rajan Shahi and Deepa Shahi and has exciting twists and turns. It stars Rupali Ganguly, who plays Anupama, and Sudhanshu Pandey, who plays the role of Vanraj and is high on drama. The show has been winning hearts ever since it started.


The show is topping the TRP charts for its exciting plot. The show is not only entertaining but also gripping. The latest actor to enter the show is Gaurav Khanna as Anuj, and the show only gets more interesting. In the latest episode, Kavya, Vanraj, and Anupamaa meet with Anuj Kapadia, where they present their business ideas to him.


While Vanraj and Kavya are confident about their business proposal, they are ashamed of what Anupamaa presents. But much to their surprise, Anuj Kapadia likes Anupamaa’s idea more than Kavya and Vanraj’s idea.


Anuj not only praises Anupamaa’s ideas but also accepts it and offers her a deal. Kavya is not very happy with that, and she is furious. While Vanraj questions Anuj’s treatment for Anupamaa. Anupamaa is annoyed at hearing this chooses not to respond to it.


Anupamaa is a television series that premiered on 13 July 2020 based on Star Jalsha’s Bengali series Sreemoyee. The show revolves around Anupamaa, a Gujarati homemaker who is a family-oriented and devoted housewife, daughter-in-law, and mother. A self-sacrificing who is often humiliated for being a simple regular housewife with an incomplete degree.


Her husband Vanraj has been secretly having an affair with his colleague Kavya for the past eight years. Despite being warned about Kavya and Vanraj’s relationship by her friend Devika and Kavya’s husband Aniruddh, Anupama refuses to believe them and expresses her faith in Vanraj.


What happens next? It will be interesting to watch what happens next in Anupamaa’s life as the upcoming episodes are full of entertainment.

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