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Amid The Covid 19 Scare, This Is How Preity Zinta Is Spending Her Time Indoors With Her Twins – FIND OUT


January 17, 2022

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Preity Zinta took to her Instagram and shared that she is enjoying her pandemic days with new born babies Jai and Gia and the sight is too cute to be missed

Preity Zinta shared a beautiful snap from her garden that she is enjoying days keeping herself busy with her newborn kids Jai and Gia. She also took shared a glimpse from her beautiful organic garden.

Due to Coronavirus, cases are rising in the entire country. In such type of circumstances, the state governments have imposed many restrictions. Due to this, the work of people in the film industry has also been affected. the shooting of some films has stopped, while some have dragged their film release. Recently, actor Preity Zinta shared on Instagram about what is keeping involved her in this pandemic situation. She revealed that she is busy keeping the care of her twin’s children, Jai and Gia.

She shared pics from her house garden and added the newborn baby has arrived at her home in this pandemic situation so she is living her life enjoying home and limiting outgoing. She also added that it’s very difficult to stay at home for many days. What keeps her happy in her home is only a plant, fruits, and vegetable trees. It seems that she is happy with the surrounding greenery all over her home. She also mentioned the navel orange tree planted in her house garden and revealed that they are two years old and now oranges are appearing on it. Furthermore, she also gave a valuable message that pleases you all should grow one plant in your house. If you have space please try to plant something. She also indicated the orange city Nagpur saying that after the sweet oranges of Nagpur, She loves the oranges in her garden. It seems that she is a nature fanatic person and she has the adhesion of mother earth. The video was entirely captured by her husband.

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She captioned the photo by saying that we are very much fascinated with this new upcoming life. She thanked all doctors, nurses, and all helpers who supported us to fight this crucial situation. It was all because of them that we are living safely in our house. She further added with hashtags gratitude, family, twins, and things.

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