Almost Sufal Sampoorna: You Too Can Use Marathi Words Like The Ketkar Family, Here’s How

You won’t find such a made- in-Maharashtra family anywhere else!


December 13, 2019


3 min


The Ketkar family, from Almost Sufal Sampoorna, is famously known as the ‘Swadeshi’ family. The family members include Appa, Ajji, Sai, Chinu and their respective parents. The rules of the house are quite peculiar and must be followed by everyone who interacts with the family. Appa is the patriarch and all the rules are laid down by him. You would be shocked to know some of them, which are: only speaking the Marathi language at home, not using a word of English, not wearing western clothes and only eating traditional Maharashtrian food. Their household is surely a made- in -India one, and comical in many ways.  

Watch the full episode of the show here: 

The first episode established,  the Ketkar family as our go-to- Marathi dictionary! While Sai and her father are Appa’s true-blue followers, the rest of the family members are often found trapped in his clutches, as he runs a tight ship. He pays extra attention to the mischievous little Chinu, who is always up to some stint! But, however strict he may be, Appa is our favourite on the show,  given the zeal with which he upholds his values and culture. 

The first lesson we learn from the family’s youngest daughter Sai is that a  party in Marathi is called Mejwani! Throughout the episodes, we have learnt quite a number of traditional Marathi words,   that have helped improve our vocabulary and language. 

Here are some more Marathi words and their meanings in English, courtesy the Ketkar family.  

Bhandwal – capital or money 

Awaazviya Traas – unnecessary trouble 

Daw – dew 

Bramhan Dhwani Yantra – mobile phone 

Mobadla – compensation or salary 

Bhurdanda – fine or penalty 

Prapancha – an act of fooling someone 

Kar – tax 

Can you think of any other words that you have learnt from the Ketkar family? Share them with us in the comments section below! 

To increase your knowledge of Marathi, catch all the latest episodes of Almost Sufal Sampoorna exclusively on ZEE5. 

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