Almost Sufal Sampoorna 11 December 2019 Written Update: Sai Declines Nachiket’s Offer?

In tonight’s episode, Nachiket asks Sai a favour that she cannot refuse. What will Sai do now?


December 11, 2019


4 min


In tonight’s episode of Almost Sufal Sampoorna, we will see Sai receiving a call from an unknown number. When she enquires who the caller is, she gets to know that Yadav chaat wala has called her. The chaat wala tells her about the mischief of Nachiket and Digs, who routinely eat Pani Puri at his chaat stall. He tells her that Nachiket owes him Rs 10,000 and asks her to pay his (Nachiket’s dues).

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At this moment Sai realises that it is actually Nachiket trying to play a prank on her, so she turns the tables by telling him that she will have to take Appa’s permission before paying the money. Upon hearing this, Nachiket gets scared and admits that it is him on the call. Sai laughs in amusement and asks him whose number is he calling from. He answers that the phone is bought especially for her, and calls her over to his house for the same. Sai hesitates at first but agrees to go over to his place. 

At home, Ajji, Kaku and Aai express their wish to have Paani Puri. They begin to plan how to get out of the house without telling Appa, when Chinu walks into the kitchen. He asks Kaku why is she planning to lie to Appa. To which Ajji says, there is absolutely no place in the house for any lies. She continues to say a few more things and then sends Chinu out of the kitchen. All three of them chuckle once Chinu is gone and get back to their planning for Pani Puri. 

Before stepping out of the house Sai comes to the kitchen to inform everyone that she is going over to Nachiket’s house. All of them say yes, but Appa asks her to stop for a bit. To her immense surprise, he tells her to spend as much time as possible at Nachiket’s house as he wants his house interiors to get done real soon. Everyone else is equally surprised to hear this, but then he goes on to explain that he wants Nachiket out of the house as soon as possible, which is why he asked Sai to get the work done faster! 

Sai reaches Nachiket’s house and there he offers her a new, personal phone. But, she politely refuses and informs him about a new development at her house. Digambar on the other hand also has a new development that he wants to inform Sai and Nachiket’s friends about.

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