Aggabai Sunbai: Here’s Why We Think Asawari’s Suggestion For A House-Help Could Really Benefit Shubhra

Aggabai Sunbai’s Shubhra getting a house-help might just fix her problems.

Tanvi Rumale

April 10, 2021



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In the recent episode of Aggabai Sunbai, Asawari suggests Shubhra to get a house-help. We have seen how Shubhra has tied herself down to her house and its affairs only. She is afraid to even step outside and meet friends and wear modern dresses. No one has restricted Shubhra from doing anything but she has restricted herself. Her world is her house and her son. There is nothing else in her line of sight and she wants it to remain that way. She cooks along with her father-in-law, Abhijeet and cleans the house and even takes care of Shubham, which is proving to be a big responsibility because he is a naughty child!

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Asawari makes this suggestion when Shubham calls his mother a “Kaamwali.” Asawari then takes a mild tone and lovingly makes Shubham understand the importance of her mother’s role in the family. Then, she goes to Shubhra and tells her that she is once again suggesting that she take some help! After all, they are well-off and can very easily afford it!

The most direct result of getting a house-help will be for Shubhra to have some time off. In this time off, there are three main things that could help Shubhra.

One would be that this time off could lead to her realising that she is not responsible for the house fully anymore. She will have time to rest, time to ponder and she will have time to discover her inner self again. A house-help will give her so much free time that she might even get bored enough to step out of the house or dabble with work at DBK foods, Asawari’s company. Even if that does not happen, just the fact that this could lead to Shubhra becoming free could help her find her old self again.

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The second thing could be that she could get to observe Shubham carefully. In the recent episode, Shubham called her a “Kaamwali” because she was always caught up with housework and never had time to play with him. Now when she will have time to play with him, she can interact with him more deeply and who knows? This could have a lasting impression on Shubham and he could get influenced by the niceness of his mother! With her free time, she could also find new and inventive ways to make Shubham a good boy and not let him be as naughty as he is. She could use her old smartness and make him a better boy! That way, Asawari’s fear of Shubham turning into Soham will not come true!

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Lastly, the third thing that could happen is that Shubha could finally see the real Soham. And not literally, but metaphorically. We know that when one is bogged down with work and responsibilities, it is often hard to really observe the people around you. With this free time, Shubhra could finally notice how her husband does not spend enough time with her, how he comes late and how there is a lack of communication. She could also notice how he makes her feel bad and pins the blame of issues on her so that he could be the “good” person. Shubhra could finally detect Soham’s emotional manipulation and could change things around for their relationship!

We think that a house-help will do wonders for Shubhra. Do you think so too?

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