Agga Bai Sasubai: Here’s Why We Think Abhijeet Was Right In Making Soham Clean The Dishes

We think that Abhijeet was right on his part to force Soham into washing the used dishes in his restaurant. Read on to know why we think so.

Kedar Koli

August 13, 2020


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Agga Bai Sasubai has kept us hooked thanks to the never-ending drama on the show. Well, we won’t deny it but the plot has gotten interesting now more than ever. Soham (Ashutosh Patki) is back to basics and created a whole scene about how he desperately needed a job. He managed to gain sympathy from Abhijeet (Girish Oak) who offered him a job at his restaurant. As you would have expected, this was all part of Soham’s plan to sabotage Abhijeet’s restaurant. On his very first day, Soham sparked trouble by spilling tea before a customer. Thankfully, Abhijeet overheard Soham threatening Vishwas to keep mum about his mistake and realised the whole truth. To teach Soham a lesson, Abhijit asked him to clean all the used dishes.

Watch the episode where Abhijeet makes Soham wash the dishes.

Soham was served the punishment he deserved for being dishonest about work. Abhijeet was quick to realise that Soham means him harm and got him to do a menial job of doing the dishes. Looks like Soham is already regretting it since he hates being in the kitchen in the first place. Although he doesn’t like doing it, we think that Abhijeet was right to make Soham do the dishes. Read on to know why we think so.

1. Soham Will Learn The Dignity Of Work

Soham will learn the dignity of work which essentially means that every job needs to be treated equally, regardless of the position. The one who does the dishes in the kitchen is responsible for keeping the restaurant going. He’s basically the showrunner who works behind closed curtains. Making him clean the dishes will be a lesson for Soham to respect everyone’s work which he usually doesn’t.

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2. Soham Would Learn To Be Patient 

Doing the dishes is a slow process that needs to be done with patience. If you don’t keep your hands going, the dishes will keep pilling up. One needs to keep at it which is a task for someone like Soham who gets irritated very easily after a while. Although while cleaning the utensils, he will have to be patient until he finishes the job.

3. Soham Will Take Work Seriously

Abhijeet sensed that something’s wrong with Soham on the first day itself. He knew that Soham was never serious about working at Abhi’s Kitchen but still offered him the job out of sympathy. Now that he has been asked to clean the used dishes, let’s hope that he will take the work seriously.

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4. Soham Will Start Working Twice As Hard 

Once Soham realises that it’s not at an easy task, he will start working twice as hard to prove himself. This is his chance to mend his ways and change for good.

5. Soham Would Stop Troubling With Shubhra And Asawari

Abhijeet managed to make Soham enter the kitchen, the place where he has hardly ever been. On top of it, Soham was forced to do the dishes which he has probably never done in his life. This job might become an eye-opener for Soham who would realise how hard it is for Asawari (Nivedita Saraf) and Shubhra (Tejashri Pradhan) to manage the kitchen back home. He would probably feel grateful for having them in his life.

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