Achyuth Kumar Played A Cop In This Film And His Acting Was Right On Point  

Who says only lead actors can steal the show in a film? This supporting actor will gain your respect with his performance in Beautiful Mansugalu.

Parinika Uchil

May 4, 2019


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Director Jayatheertha’s concept for the award-winning movie Beautiful Mansugalu was inspired by a true story, which focuses on the extent of media manipulation. The film is about two lovebirds Prashanth (Sathish Ninasam) and Nandini (Sruthi Hariharan), whose love story comes to an abrupt halt because of a police inspector, Kodanda.

Watch this movie to step into Kodanda’s shoes:

Known for his supporting roles in movies like Idolle Ramayana and Mugulu Nage, the veteran Achyuth Kumar plays the crucial part of Kodanda. A fair amount of screen space has helped him justify his character of an influential man. With over 105 movies in his pocket, Achyuth’s performance in the film was as good as that of Sruthi and Sathish. In fact, Kumar kept us glued to the screen in the second half of the movie.

Achyuth Kumar In A Still From Beautiful Mansugalu
Achyuth Kumar As Inspector Kodanda In Beautiful Mansugalu

You can’t help but relate to his emotional rollercoaster from a corrupt police officer to a helpless father after watching the film. The seriousness Achyuth got to the role is also worth the mention. We doubt this character would have suited any other actor because of the challenge of playing a powerful man. Inspector Kodanda reminds us of how society needs discipline and order to function smoothly. It revisits the obstacles faced by the government to keep a tab on such officers of the law.

Have you ever come across someone like Inspector Kodanda? What would you have done if you were in Nandini’s place? We would be interested to read your thoughts in the comments section below.

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