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Aarya Vardhan To Vedanth: 4 Onscreen Characters On Zee Kannada That We Need In Our Life

Parinika Uchil

December 4, 2019

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Their onscreen roles are nothing but an inspiration for fans and followers. Each actor has a unique personality and is special for some reason!

Men and women are like ying and yang. They need each other to complete each other. This is true or not just for romantic relationships but also for all kinds of ties — whether it’s with family, friends  or colleagues. Taking this into consideration, we decided to take a look at the important roles played by Zee Kannada actors who make us feel that these are the kind of men we need in our lives.

Our topic today is very interesting because we will look at how each of these male actors adds character to their role and how we wish would get a man like that in our life. So without further ado let’s begin.

1. Vedanth Vasishta from Gattimela 

A Still Of Vedanth
Source: ZEE5

Sporting a strong persona on the show Gattimela is the dashing actor Rakshit, whose role is quite different from the others. Yes, he is a businessman but he is also someone who until recently couldn’t bear to talk to women or be around them. Now, after so many episodes the true Vedanth has come out, who is a gentleman with great respect and care for women around him. He is a strong, independent man who will make you want to be like him.

2. Aarya Vardhan from Jothe Jotheyali 

A Still When Aarya Explains About Anu To His Mother
Source: ZEE5

Even though he is a rich businessman, aged 45-years-old, Aarya Vardhan is a sensible single man, who has never considered himself a rich person or a more important person than the workers of his company. So if you have one lesson to take away from this man, it is humility all the way.

3. Rishi Nanda from Kamali

A Smiling Still Of Rishi
Source: ZEE5

A professor by profession, Rishi is another matured man, who belongs to a rich family but believes in achieving something on his own. Hence the job of a professor. The lesson we must take away from this man is persistence because if you are a fan of the show you would have noticed that he never gave up on Kamali and never reduced the amount of love he had for her till she too was on the same page.

4. Aditya Arasanakote from Paaru

A Smiling Still Of Aditya
Source: ZEE5

The last one on this inspiring list is the cute Aditya also known by his loved ones Adi, who is a total ‘mama’s boy’. I say this because his mother’s verdict is final in any situation or decision of his life. This is a trait very few men have nowadays so the lesson we take away from this is that always have love and respect for your parents, no matter what.

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