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Aamir Khan To Kangana Ranaut- 4 Celebrities Who Fell In Love With Foreigners


September 21, 2021

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While Bollywood actors look exotic and are admired for their looks and acting worldwide, here are celebrities like Aamir Khan, Kangana Ranaut and others who had affairs with foreigners

Celebrities are famous and rich in Bollywood. Their riches know no bounds, and they have a luxurious life in every sense. When it comes to their love life, some have an exotic choice of going the global way. From marriage to affairs, here are celebrities who have had affairs with foreigners. 

1. Aamir Khan and Jessica Hines

Aamir Khan is known in Bollywood for his films based on societal issues. 

While the seasoned actor is loved by many of his fans for his simplicity, allegedly, he has a not-so-simple dating history. Be reportedly dated British journalist Jessica Hines while working on the sets of Ghulam. There were rumors that they had a child together. 



2. Celina Jaitly and Peter Haag

Former Miss India and actress Celina Jaitly dated and married an Australian businessman Peter Haag. The two are now happily married and are now loving sons.



3. Milind Soman and Mylene Jampanoi

Did you know that the fittest model in India was once married to a European beauty? Yes, Milind Soman once dated and married his co-actor Mylene. Mylene Jampanoi is half French and half Chinese. They got divorced after being married for three years. 



4. Kangana Ranaut and Nicolas Lafferty

Kangana Ranaut once dated a foreigner and made headlines painting the town red. Although she never made her relationship official, Kangana was seen hanging out and spending a lot of time with English doctor Nicolas Lafferty. Unfortunately, they broke up. 



While these actors have created a niche for themselves, they have also had their weak moments. Actors are human too, after all!

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