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9 ZEE5 Originals That Had The Best Cliffhanger Endings In OTT History

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April 30, 2021

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A puzzled and unexpected climax is what makes a story more memorable. Saying so, here are few cliffhanger moments from ZEE5 shows/movies that made the drama worth remembering.

What makes a movie worth watching and remembering? While many would agree upon an exciting storyline, a few others would say top-notch performances. Well, these are primary aspects that we look out for in a story. However, it’s the puzzled and unexpected ending that definitely makes a story more memorable. Similarly, ZEE5 has an array of such last-minute dramas that got the viewers talking for days. And these movies/shows can be a great starter for debates!

From romantic dramas to suspense thrillers, every genre is incomplete without great conflict. These conflicts often lead to an unexpected cliffhanger moment in the story. And that’s one of the reasons why few shows/movies make to list of our favourite ones. To treat you with the same, we thought to curate a list of some best cliffhanger moments that are quite noteworthy.

So, here’s taking a look at 9 cliffhanger moments from ZEE5 shows/movies that left us highly surprised and intrigued.

His Storyy

Source: ZEE5

ZEE5’s latest release His Storyy has become the talk of the cine world for all good reasons. Unlike other LGBTQ shows, His Storyy has a subtle approach to its storytelling. And that’s a major reason behind the show’s success. The story begins establishing the “happy” married life of Kunal and Sakshi. However, conflict arises when Sakshi realizes the truth of her husband’s homosexuality.

With some remarkable performances, the makers have perfectly weaved a great story surrounding homophobia. And it paces very interestingly towards a sweet and inspiring climax. As Sakshi hosts an engagement party for Kunal and Preet, we cherish the happy ending of the story. However, that’s when Preet suddenly changes his decision. And that “Oh No!” moment will remain in our minds until we catch up with it in the second season.

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Source: ZEE5

In the sibling saga Crashh, we are introduced to the lives of four “separated-by-tragedy” siblings. The elder one Kabir, a police inspector tries his best to reunite with his lost siblings. And throughout this episodic saga, there are some interesting subplots that lead to these four characters crossing paths with each other. It is before the climax that Kabir reunites with his sister Kajal. And together they scout for the remaining two.

However, during the climax, Aditya, lover of Kajal’s stepmom is found dead. And Kajal is arrested as the main culprit. With that, the first season ends on a mysterious note leaving us surprised and curious about her fate.

The Married Woman

Source: ZEE5

The Married Woman follows the story of Astha, a housewife as she embarks on a journey of self-discovery. And Peeplika, an artist, becomes a guiding light for Astha. Eventually, they both end up falling in love with each other. During Astha and Hemant’s wedding anniversary, the latter gets aware of his wife’s relationship with Peeplika. While he taunts them, Astha confronts Hemant about his own infidelity.

After the big revelations, Astha and Peeplika decide to move to Paris to start a new life. The first concludes without revealing anything further. This left the viewers guessing if Peeplika and Astha were able to start afresh or will they get caught in the societal stereotypes again?

Mai Hero Boll Raha Hu

Source: ZEE5

Portraying the rise and fall of a man in the crime world makes for an interesting story. And that’s what ‘Mai Hero Boll Raha Hu’ lives up to. It follows the story of Nawab, a young man who aspires to rule Bombay by being a powerful gangster. Throughout his journey, Nawab befriends many people while also making up many enemies. After escaping from the trap of inspector Kadam, everything comes back to ground level for Nawab.

On one side there’s the law eyeing for him and on the other hand, there are his enemies planning to hunt him down. The climax moment makes us empathize with Nawab as we are eagerly rooting for the second season. It would be interesting to see Nawab making a comeback, especially after Inspector Kadam informs Mastan about Nawab’s involvement in the death of his brother, Lala.

Black Widows

Source: ZEE5

Black Widows essays the story of three women finding an efficient solution to get rid of their abusive husbands. Veera, Jayati, and Kavita forge a plan to kill their husbands while framing it as an accident. And they succeed too. However, everything falls apart when their husbands’ dark secrets and businesses come to light. The show ends with a two-way surprise for the viewers.

During the climax, we see inspector Pankaj finding all the evidence against the women. And on the other hand, the women are busy in a deal with Inaya Thakur. During their meet, a sniper is pointed out at Jayati. And the show ends on a mysterious note. It would be interesting to see how the second season unfolds and if Pankaj arrested the ladies or did the sniper kill one of them.

Nail Polish

Source: ZEE5

Nail Polish is a courtroom drama mystery that revolves around Veer Singh who is framed as a serial killer. A lawyer Jai Singh takes up the nearly impossible case and decides to prove Veer Singh innocent. While we believe that all the answers to the mystery will be unveiled in the court, the makers take the ‘real drama’ outside the court.

Veer Singh’s past memories push him over the edge as schizophrenia grips him. He starts living as Charu, his ex-lover. The court proceedings go off the rail due to this incident. However, it is the last-minute twist that leaves us highly surprised. Though only vaguely but we realize that Veer is playing an act to save himself or is he?


Source: ZEE5

The last episode revelation in Naxalbari is quite an interesting and unexpected cliffhanger moment. Throughout the story, the show follows a fight between the Naxals and the greedy corporate leaders. Amidst this, the government is seen playing politics to benefit itself. However, the biggest twist is Keswani’s character who from the beginning is seen as a flagbearer of the corporate community.

Keswani becomes a guiding light for a corporate leader and helps him with his mastermind plans. However, it is during the climax we get to see a new side of Keswani. He’s the ‘secret leader’ of the Naxal movement who quite cunningly leads the show.


Source: ZEE5

Unlike other Hansal Mehta protagonists, you won’t have sympathy towards Omar Sheikh. Mehta’s Omerta documents the real-life events that lead to the making of a devious terrorist leader Omar. On several missions, Omar is seen kidnapping innocent people and journalists. During the climax when he gets caught by the police in Pakistan and is sentenced to death.

However, in the closing shot, we see Omar inside a jail cell, watching the news about the 26/11 Mumbai Attacks. Also, he makes a couple of calls asking about the whereabouts of the mission and that makes you curious.

Lahore Confidential

Source: ZEE5

This cross-border romantic thriller follows the story of Ananya, a RAW agent who’s on a secret mission in Lahore. Things turn upside down when she falls in love with Rauf, a Pakistani aristocrat. With their common interests in literature and poetry, both Ananya and Rauf develop great chemistry. However, later Ananya gets aware of Rauf’s connection with the terrorist organizations. 

While the viewers were still getting over Rauf’s reality, the makers treated them with a nail-biting climax as Ananya seeks her revenge but also put up an act where she vows to avenge Rauf’s death. Viewers are left surprised if she’ll work as a double agent or will she a mole in ISI while continuing her loyalty for RAW.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.


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