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9 ZEE5 Films/Shows That Revolve Around Mysterious Places With ‘Dark Secrets’

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April 21, 2021

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These ZEE5 films and shows will be a treat for movie buffs obsessed with mysteries and secrets. An array of epic dramas that highlight dark secrets, revenge, relevant themes, and past stories. Check out the list.

Many of the recent thriller shows and movies are themed upon the popular phrase “What’s Past Is Prologue”. While the past stories are used as a vital element, it has definitely shaped a new style of storytelling. And these exciting dramas not only treat us with unhinged characters but also have made us fall in love with this new ‘dark secrets’ genre. Being on similar lines, ZEE5’s latest release Raat Baaki Hai belongs to the same league.

With an intriguing storyline and well-written characters, the film has emerged as a promising thriller. While its twisted storylines kept us glued to our screens, the technical aspects were also apt. And it’s quite a rare sight that a thriller scores high on both these cinematic aspects. Also, Raat Baaki Hai has left us obsessed with the stories themed on ‘dark secrets’. If you are one of those obsessed with this new genre, ZEE5’s widespread library has gotten your cravings fulfilled.

These extraordinary stories are about dark secrets, revenge, relevant themes, and past stories. So, here’s taking a look at 10 films/shows on ZEE5 that portray ‘dark secrets’ about a specific place.


Source: ZEE5

Featuring Kalki Koechlin in the lead, Bhram is a psychological thriller show that explores the horrors of the human mind. The story reloves around Alisha who suffers from posttraumatic stress disorder after her husband’s tragic death. Amidst this, she decides to take a mini-trip at a hill station which unfortunately turns her life upside-down. Based on myths, Bhram perfectly blends Alisha’s tragedy with the haunting past of the scenic village.

The secrets in Bhram are related to a spooky character Ukara who resides within the jungles of the hill station. Nearing the climax, Alisha is left with a question, if it’s her Bhram (illusion) or a haunting reality?


Source: ZEE5

Six friends meeting at a college reunion sounds fun, isn’t it? Well, that’s not the case with the thrilling saga of the Mafia. The show oscillates from present to past and thus past secrets resurface over the plot. While the characters of the story will make you relive your college days, the secret stories they imbibe are sure to make you uncomfortable. 

The story is about these six friends who reunited six years after their last trip to the same farmhouse. Tensions escalate as the gang confronts their past battles with each other. Mafia is quite fearsome fun!

Black Widows

Source: ZEE5

Set in the heart of Kolkata, the mesmerizing scenery in Black Widows will attract you. However, deep within this scenic beauty lies the tragic stories of three married women. Veera, Jayati, and Kavita are fed up with their abusive husbands and to get rid of them, they weave a master plan. However, their stratagem takes a toll on them when their dead husbands’ dark secrets and stories come to the surface.

As this episodic saga paces further, there are ample twists that leave us stunned. The contrasting side of visuals and a dark story makes it an interesting watch.


Source: ZEE5

Based on the enthralling stories of Ruskin Bond, Parcchayee is a show that embodies interesting episodes. Each episode has a different yet intriguing story that leaves you with tons of surprises. With stunning visuals and well-written characters, Parcchayye portrays the dark secrets that lay behind the scenic beauty of the countryside.


Source: ZEE5

Each and every Sriram Raghavan film portrays a detail-oriented view of its setting. Be it the sophisticated Mumbai in Ek Hasina Thi or the dark underbelly of the city in his debut Raman Raghav, the filmmaker perfectly narrates his story sustaining the nuances of its setting. Similarly, in Badlapur, the revenge saga is no less than a character study of Raghav (Varun Dhawan) who’s devastated after his wife and son’s death.

In here, the city of Badlapur hides the other side of Raghav, the more devious one. And it is during the climax that he realizes his mistakes. Badlapur is another interesting ‘dark secrets’ story you should not miss out on.


Source: ZEE5

Geetu Mohandas’ Malayalam film Moothon is about the journey of acceptance. The film follows the story of a young boy who visits Mumbai’s Kamathipura to search for his elder brother Ameer. Amidst this, he gets trapped by a gangster. And as the story progresses ahead, past stories resurface connecting the lives of the gangster and the boy.

The crime world of Kamathipura is blended perfectly with Ameer’s journey of accepting his true self. The film explores the themes of one’s sexuality, true love, etc.


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The Marathi film Lapachhapi will make you recall the classic horror flick Rosemary’s baby. The film revolves around a couple who are soon expecting a baby. However, due to some personal problems, they decide to move into a new house. Away from the city, the couple finds a shelter in a village. Soon, the wife discovers the presence of evil spirits in the house that pose a threat to her baby.

Nearing the climax, secret stories about the village come to light, making up for a nail-biting climax.

The Wife

Source: ZEE5

The Wife has a similar setting to Lapacchapi. This horror drama is high on an intriguing storyline that is matched up with great performances. The film revolves around the story of a newly married couple Varun and Arya who move to a new house. However, as they are enjoying this new chapter in their lives, troubles begin as they experience the presence of evil spirits. After suffering a lot they decide to find a resolution.

After which, they discover the haunting past of Varun who had a strange connection with the house they reside in.

Barot House

Source: ZEE5

Another gripping suspense-driven drama that is well crafted and executed. Featuring Amit Sadh in the lead, the film revolves around a family who deals with a series of murders in their house. A father realizes the truth that his elder son is involved in the killings of his sisters, one after the other. Finding himself in a dilemma, the father takes up the matter in his hands.

And soon as the story paces ahead, a few shocking surprises come to light. Barot is a gripping tale about dark secrets.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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