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8 Different Crime Worlds We Witnessed In ZEE5 Originals Like Rangbaaz, Kaali And Dark 7 White!

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March 24, 2021

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From Taish To Naxalbari, these stories are as real as it gets! Watching these dramas, the audience may develop empathy towards a rough criminal or they might feel pity for the force trying to catch these notorious men.

Binge-watching a crime drama is nothing less than a treat for the viewers. These stories are intriguing, exciting, and completely laden with suspense. Be it a revenge saga or a character study that essays a man’s rise in the crime world. These stories are so engaging that it leaves viewers in a dilemma of questioning their side.  Similarly, ZEE5 has a range of interesting and noteworthy stories of crime that are loosely inspired by real-life stories.

Watching these dramas, the audience may develop empathy towards a rough criminal or they might feel pity for the force trying to catch these notorious men. But the constant thing that these shows or movies have managed to portray is the dark and mysterious underbelly of society.

Everyone has their preferred favourites. If you are someone who would like to have an interesting insight into different yet real crime worlds, we have got you covered. So, here’s taking a look at different crime worlds we have witnessed in some riveting ZEE5 originals.

Dark 7 White: Political Crimes 

A still from Dark 7 White
Source: ZEE5

If you’re a big fan of political thrillers, Dark 7 White will be a great piece to start with. There have been many stories that have managed to portray the dark side of the political world but Dark 7 White does it quite subtly yet efficiently. The story revolves around Yudhveer Singh who discovers that political power is the only one to rule the world. Driven by the sense of power, he embarks on a journey to acquire a place in country politics but ends up getting murdered.

The death investigation begins unfolding some unexpected secrets and sides of the political world we’ve never heard of. One bold sequence is where the show portrays the presence of the royal family in the era of democracy.

Mum Bhai: City Underworld

A still from MumBhai
Source: ZEE5

Mum Bhai portrays intense and battling fightbacks between cops and the gangsters of the city underworld. As the name suggests, the show essays underbelly of the dream city, Mumbai. The show revolves around Bhaskar who is born and brought up by a local gangster Rama. While Bhaskar grows up to become an ATS officer, Rama’s crime empire expands in Mumbai. And thus conflict between their relationship arises.

The show perfectly paints a portrait of Mumbai’s underworld giving us a deep insight into the crime world of a city.

Taish: South Hall Crime World

A still from Taish
Source: ZEE5

Bejoy Nambiar is a master when it comes to telling a story of common people getting involved in crimes. And Taish is no exception. Unfolding as a revenge saga between two families, the show gives us an overview of the South Hall criminal world. For this setting, Nambiar was highly inspired by the real-life crime stories of South Hall, London. The place is deprived and dangerous with high crime statistics.

Nambiar sets an engaging crime drama here where Pali (Harshvardhan Rane) is one of the infamous gangsters of South Hall. The setting and performances surely make for a great watch,

Love, Scandal, And Doctors: Medical Crimes

A still from Love Scandal And Doctors
Source: ZEE5

ZEE5’s latest release Love, Scandal, And Doctors is a relevant medical thriller. The episodic saga tells us the story of five medical interns who find themselves on the wrong side of the law. The show is a whodunnit and hence the biggest revelation comes in the very last frame. However, LSD gives you a real insight into different sides of medical crimes or white-collar crimes. The show tries to draw a line between the ethics and the egos of doctors.

Naxalbari: Naxalite Movement

A still from Naxalbari
Source: ZEE5

Inspired by the many Naxalite movements in India, Naxalbari tries to essay various sides of the story. To be precise, the show divides the Naxal movement and its effect on three sides. Firstly, the force including cops and agencies who get pressurized by the government. The next one being the government itself who’s involved in signing deals with corporate worlds which leads to chaos. And most importantly, the media, that is trying to shape people’s opinions.

Though the title of the show seems to be focused on Naxals, the story gives you a clear idea of each and every side of the story. Undoubtedly, Naxalbari is one of the best crime dramas which makes a bold political statement.

Kaali: Drug Trafficking

A still from Kaali
Source: ZEE5

Kaali is another story where a common woman leading a normal life dives into the crime world. The story revolves around Kaali (Paoli Dam) who leads a happy life with her son Sunny. However, her life turns topsy turvy when after her son’s accident which damages his lungs. To operate the same, she turns towards the crime world to earn quick money.

The show Kaali celebrates a bold side of a woman, But the interesting highlight here is that it gives you an insight into drug scandals that run around the city, destroying the lives of youngsters. Kaali will give you an overview of the drug trafficking chain which seems to be inspired by many real stories.

The Casino: Into The Gambling World

A still from The Casino
Source: ZEE5

The Casino is blended with some gripping performances and intriguing plotlines. All these are weaved across the glamorous yet elusive world of gambling and quick money. The story revolves around Vicky Marwah, the rightful heir of the city’s grand and popular Casino Celebre. However, to rule the place he has to deal with his father’s enemies who are eager to gun him down. 

The show will give you a realistic insight into the world of gambling, big money, and how it is interconnected with other sides of the crime world.

Rangbaaz: Countryside Crimes

A still from Rangbaaz
Source: ZEE5

Based on a true-life story of a dreaded criminal Shree Prakash Shukla, ZEE5’s Rangbaaz perfectly portrays the countryside crimes. Wherein the police force has no facilities or authoritativeness, it is solely ruled by infamous gangsters. Rangbaaz gives you a deep overview of one such true story set in the heartland of India, Uttar Pradesh.

This story is quite fascinating for the viewers interested in real-life crime sagas. Rangbaaz will remind you of Anurag Kashyap’s Gangs of Wasseypur series. 

So, that was the list of some crime shows that portrayed different and infamous crime worlds.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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