7 Sensational Scenes From The Chargesheet: Innocent Or Guilty That Had Us Hooked

Kenneth Carneiro

February 5, 2020


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1. Shiraz Malik's Death

The Chargesheet: Innocent or Guilty‘ has garnered positive reviews for it’s strong performances and gripping story. Now a month after it’s release we look back at 7 vital moments from the series that turned the story on its head. They would have kept you guessing what was about to happen next, if you have watched the show. If you haven’t, spoilers ahead.

‘The Chargesheet’ does not waste any time in getting to the point. The very first scene of the series itself is the brutal murder of Shiraz Malik (Shiv Panditt) and you don’t see it coming. This bold move to start with a bloody death surely surprised the viewers.

Watch the trailer for the series here.

Ranveer Pratap Singh's Arrest and Interrogation

Ranveer Pratap Singh (Arunoday Singh) is always a suspect in the murder of Shiraz Malik. However, no one really expects him to be arrested, since he is a raja and a very powerful politician. When the righteous cop, Vidur Mehra (Sikander Kher), shows up with the entire police force to arrest one politician it really sets the series in motion.

3. Discovery of Antara Malik's Diary

Even three episodes into the series audiences are not fully sure what is the extent of Ranveer Pratap Singh’s relationship with Antara Malik (Tridha Choudhury). Things become clearer when the CBI officer Vidhur finds Antara’s dairy revealing details of her affair with Ranveer Pratap Singh in court.

5. Antara's Mother Pays Shiraz's Brother To Lie In Court

Another big twist comes at Shiraz Malik’s funeral. Shiraz’s brother tells the court that Antara’s mother tried to pay him money to hide Antara’s affair. He hands over the money to the court and reveals everything he knows about Ranveer and Antara’s affair

5. Chitrangada Pratap Singh gives her testimony

Hrishita Bhatt’s character ‘Chitrangda’ doesn’t get a chance to show her true side until the seventh episode. This episode begins with her trying to commit suicide because of her husband Ranveer’s affair and ends with her defending her husband’s actions in court.

6. Antara chooses Ranveer over Shiraz

In the final episode, we see Antara trying to end her affair with Ranveer. He picks her up from the local market forcefully and takes her home. In this intense scene we see Antara leaving behind her marriage with Shiraz and giving in to Ranveer’s wishes.

7. Antara's Mother Is The Kingpin

Antara’s mother is the most unique character on the show. In the beginning she seems like a helpless woman who’s daughter is in real trouble. As the show progresses you realise she is a mother who sacrificed her own daughter’s mental and physical health just to fulfill her own dreams of living in a grand palace.

What was your favourite moment from the series? Let us know in the comment below. Watch another suspense thriller ‘Code M‘ starring Jennifer Winget and Tanuj Virwani, streaming on ZEE5.

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