7 Must Watch Romantic Movies With Mismatched Couples Like Driving Me Crazy

These movies prove how opposites attract when it comes to finding love!

Mahima Maniar

October 8, 2020


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‘Opposites attract’ has long been a fundamental thought in romantic movies. This trope works well in movies as they are not only rife with chemistry but are also high on humour. A person with a completely opposite personality is like an open window to your soul. This mismatched pairing is always exciting to watch on the big screen.

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Let us take a look at 7 movies on ZEE5 that show how a mismatch often works in the couple’s favour.

Driving Me Crazy

Source: ZEE5

In an upcoming short film Driving Me Crazy, Rinkie meets a cool guy through a dating app and they hit it off instantly. While he is a Bollywood buff, Rinkie is a modern girl who starts developing affection for him and wants to see him again and again. But when she and her friend go out in a cab, it turns out that the guy whom she was seeing was an Ola driver.

Qarib Qarib Single

Jaya and Yogi are both Qarib Qarib Single. Jaya lives a lonely and loveless life and grieves the loss of her husband. She hesitantly joins a dating app and meets the humorous Yogi (Irrfan Khan). Her introvert self opens up eventually to Yogi’s poetic and free self. As Yogi ventures out on a challenge to meet three of his ex-girlfriends, Jaya accompanies him on a rollercoaster trip. Adapting to his whimsical ways, they both miss flights and get on different trains but ultimately, fall in love on this journey.

Jab We Met

Kareena Kapoor And Shahid Kapoor In A Still From Jab We Met
Kareena Kapoor And Shahid Kapoor In A Still From Jab We Met

Jab we met is an ideal example and the story of Geet and Aditya, who are poles apart. A feisty and bubbly Punjabi girl, Geet, meets a depressed businessman, Aditya, who has no destination in mind. Aditya falls in love with Geet who already has a boyfriend. But he betrays her trust and Geet starts living a solitary life, while Aditya adopts Geet’s mannerisms. When they again cross paths, they fall in love with each other.

Tanu Weds Manu

After being married for four years, problems crop up in Tanu and Manu’s marriage to the extent that they seek divorce. It looks like Manu (R. Madhavan) has an affinity for finding love in a person who is his absolute opposite. Like the fun-loving Tanu, Manu develops affection for Kusum (Kangana Ranaut’s double), a young Harayanvi athlete. But in the end, Kusum sacrifices her love and Manu reunites with Tanu.


Manmarziyaan showcases an interesting love triangle. While Rumi (Taapsee Pannu) and Vicky (Vicky Kaushal) are madly in love with each other, the latter fears commitment and gets cold feet before marrying Rumi. Out of anger, Rumi gets ready to marry Robbie (Abhishek Bachchan), her absolute opposite. Rumi is adventurous and full of life. Robbie is a mature and responsible manager. After many hiccups, these two opposites fall in love with each other.

Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana

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Aarti’s (Kriti Kharbanda) parents force her into an arranged marriage with Satyendra (Rajkummar Rao). While Aarti’s future is really bright and she aspires to achieve great things in life, Satyendru is only a clerk but with an open mind. The duo slowly fall in love. Although Aarti is content with being able to work after her marriage, when she is informed that she has cleared the PCS exam, she attempts to flee. When she is caught in a fake scam, turns out that it is Satyendru, now an IAS officer, who helps her out, and they eventually get married. Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana exemplifies how opposites can be united in the bond of marriage and live a happy life.


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An upper-class fashionista cum matchmaker, Aisha, meddles with people’s lives, trying to pair them up with someone they are not compatible with. In doing so, she estranges herself from her group of friends. Her long term friend Arjun always criticises her superficial life. As the pieces of the love puzzle fit together and pairs find their ideal match, amidst crushes and infatuations, Aisha finds her love in Arjun.

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