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7 Characters And Their Interesting Filmy Counterparts Like The Married Woman’s Astha And Fire’s Radha

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April 6, 2021

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ZEE5’s widespread character universe meets the heroes/villains of Bollywood. From Vikram-Munnabhai to Keswani-Gabbar Singh, a look at some mirrored fictional personalities.

Bollywood movies have primarily focused on their narrative-oriented stories. However, there have been many characters who ultimately became the soul of the dramas. While these fictional personas entertained the audience, they have become imagery of the popular Hindi Cinema notions. And in many experimental shows or movies, the writers often pay tribute to these filmy characters. Similarly, ZEE5‘s array of quality content has witnessed a universe of characters sharing similarities with some renowned, fictional Bollywood personalities.

While some of them have been through similar life experiences, the others have the same set of character traits. Moreover, their adventures and charismatic personality has become the favourite of the fans. And these characters have had an undeniable influence on our lives. From being a trendsetter to their bold perspective, we can’t overlook the fact that these characters are somehow an exquisite portrayal of our most-loved filmy personas. And this connection is obvious!

So, here’s taking a look at 7 ZEE5 characters and their interesting filmy counterparts.

Raghav (Naxalbari) – Singham

Source: ZEE5

Raghav’s heroic avatar in Naxalbari is quite similar to that of Hindi Cinema’s most-loved cop Bajirao Singham. When it comes to their duties and responsibilities, these characters never take a step back. Their bold and charismatic persona is what makes Raghav and Singham an accurate portrait of a stunning cop. Just like Singham, Raghav knows the difference between right and wrong decisions.

For the sake of people’s safety, he can go against the orders of the authority. Ultimately, proving his awareness and dedication to his dutiful job.

Ananya (Lahore Confidential) – Sarika from Ek Hasina Thi

Source: ZEE5

Sriram Raghvan’s debut film Ek Hasina Thi is considered to be a noteworthy revenge saga. The film portrays the heroic side of its lead character Sarika. And Lahore Confidential’s Ananya seems to be an ode to Sarika, one of the most intriguing female leads of Bollywood. Alike Sarika, Ananya gets betrayed by her lover Rauf. Driven by the sense of betrayal, she sets on to seek revenge against him.

At the beginning of the story, both these characters are next-door-woman living a mundane life. However, as the story paces further, Ananya and Sarika evolve as the real heroes of the story.

Vikram (LSD) – Munna Bhai MBBS

Source: ZEE5

Vikram from Love Scandal And Doctors shares many striking similarities with the popular character from Munna Bhai MBBS. Just like Munna, Vikram has also entered the medical field to prove his self-worth. Both these characters are known for their epic slangs and often get judged due to their infamous background. However, apart from their bold persona, both Vikram and Munna have an empathetic side.

They are always among the first ones to help others. Also, both these characters eventually fall in love with the dean’s daughter. This is another reason that ties these fictional personalities together.

Astha (The Married Woman) – Radha from Fire

Source: ZEE5

Shabana Azmi and Nandita Das starrer The Fire is an underrated Bollywood gem. It is among the first few films to portray homosexual relationships. Azmi’s character of Radha can be a right counterpart to The Married Woman’s Astha. Radha and Astha both suffer from their lifeless married lives amidst which they discover true love in another woman.

These two characters embark on a journey fighting against the stereotypes of society. Both Radha and Astha and their life stories will leave you highly inspired.

Deep Singh (Jeet Ki Zid) – Major Vihan from URI

Source: ZEE5

Driven by their past tragedies, Vihan from URI and Deep from Jeet Ki Zid experience life with a new perspective. Both these characters have lost their loved ones in a cross-border conflict which fuels their inner strength. Deep and Vihan are distinguished army officers who love their lives on the battlefield. They are not only great army men but also evolve as mature personalities throughout the story.

Though their lives may have a different conclusion, both Deep and Vihan are among the inspiring heroes.

Keswani (Naxalbari) – The Modern Age Gabbar Singh

Source: ZEE5

If there needs to be a cunning villain like Gabbar Singh in recent times, Naxalbari’s Keswani can take up the job. Well, he’s not exactly on the lines of Gabbar Singh but he seems to be a revamp of this iconic villain. He’s the Gabbar Singh who takes a step back to pounce upon his enemies. Just like Gabbar, Keswani secretively leads a gang, ultimately a movement. Gabbar from Sholay can be a great counterpart to Keswani.

Devidas (The Power) – Faizal Khan from Gangs Of Wasseypur

Source: ZEE5

Faizal Khan is an iconic character from Anurag Kashyap’s gangster drama Gangs Of Wasseypur. And ZEE5’s The Power has a similar character in the spotlight i.e Devidas Thakur. Just like Faizal, Devi is a son of an influential gangster who gets killed by his rivals. Further, to seek revenge for his father’s death, Devi becomes a fierce gangster.

Apart from their gangster side, both Devi and Faizal are one-woman men. Driven by revenge, they are not someone who believe in quick judgment. Devi and Faizal plan masterfully against their rivals however, their lives end on a tragic note.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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