6 Scenes From ZEE5 Original Hawala That Are Truly Amazing

Sneha Bale

November 27, 2019


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Episode 1: Introduction to the mania

The latest crime-thriller on ZEE5 is Hawala. The six-episode series keeps you engaged and how! At each point, you will find yourself besides the characters. So, if we bring 6 scenes from the six episodes, respectively, that will remind of you the goodness that’s contained in 3 hours.

In episode 1, the lead character Karan needs to earn big monies and he takes help from his friend, Ravi. Ravi introduces Karan, and us, to the world of cricket-betting, spot betting, hawala and more. It’s right here that you find yourself delving into the story.

Episode 2: Solace in insanity

Guna and Nisha, as shown in the trailer, are antagonists. While we expect them to be in shades of black, they have moments of purity and innocence too. In episode 2, the two express their concern and affection for each other amidst the troubles they get into.

Episode 3: Comic relief

The series is a crime-thriller and does not really divert from its base. However, in episode 3, this scenes, where Karan-Vani try to get details from a cab driver about Guna-Nisha, he asks them for a 5-star rating, after confirming if they were the police. This one gets your stifled laughter.

Episode 4: Establishing Guna

Although a little late, the mystery around Guna is settled for once and for all, in episode 4. In a scene, Guna is asked for a solution by two drug-peddlers for making their work smooth. He only talks about transactions, then and in general, but his work speaks volumes.

Episode 5: A tease

By know, we all know how the show end – no spoilers! But if you have been wanting more, we hope you caught this easter egg. In episode 5, Nisha discusses something “bigger and better” than their current Hawala. Maybe in another season, we will see explore and exploit cryptocurrency.

Episode 6: Team work makes the dream work

In the final episode, things are all in place. Unlike most other climaxes, here, having a plan and executing it well works! Now, that’s a fresh break from the regular hits and misses. Just like the protagonists, you leave the show feeling satisfied.

Let us know what you think about the show in the comments below. For more entertainment, watch the buzz maker, Gods of Dharmapuri on ZEE5.

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