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6 Characters Who Ditched Their Comfort Zones For Something Adventurous (Because YOLO!)

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March 30, 2021

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From Lahore Confidential’s Ananya to The Married Woman’s Astha, characters who stepped out of their comfort zones to explore a new side of life.

There are many fictional characters with whom the audience can personally relate to. Be it due to the similarities they share or because of their entertaining side. Watching their favourite characters overcoming their flaws has highly inspired the viewers. And this is one of the reasons why we have seen a surge in character-driven stories. Similarly, ZEE5 has an array of shows and movies that are a blend of interesting characters and riveting drama. 

While some stories relied on inspiring drama, the others solely lived up to the well-written characters. These fictional life stories ultimately left a lasting impression on the viewers’ hearts and minds. Watching the realities and underbelly of society through the eyes of these characters gave us some noteworthy life-lessons. They taught us to live life rather than just leading it, eventually, they treated us with a fresh perspective on life.

So, here’s taking a look at characters who ditched their comfort zones and went on to explore the adventurous side of life.

Ananya (Lahore Confidential)

Source: ZEE5

Ananya delved into the world of ‘Sufi literature, lived life being absorbed by herself. Her life revolved around her widowed mother who’d lookout for suitable grooms for her daughter. However, Ananya’s life takes an interesting turn when she’s posted in Lahore, Pakistan on a secret mission. We see a new and unexplored side of her life as she enjoys the thrills and responsibilities of a national agent.

Deep (Jeet Ki Zid)

Source: ZEE5

Major Deep Singh finds solace in the Indian army. His brave and bold persona driven by his tragic past is something that keeps him at the forefront always. However, during the Kargil war, he gets severely injured becoming wheelchair ridden forever. Unable to get out of his army zone, he even tries to commit suicide. However, going out of his zone, he studies MBA and achieves a top position in the corporate sector.

Astha (The Married Woman)

Source: ZEE5

In The Married Woman, Astha’s life story became an inspiration for everyone. Taking a break from her mundane life routine, Astha decides to explore the new and interesting sides of life. She develops an interest in art as she forms a great bond with Peeplika. Eventually, as she realizes that her married life has always been centred upon her husband Hemant, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery.

Siddharth (Nail Polish)

A still from Nail Polish
Source: ZEE5

Siddharth Jaisingh’s character graph in Nail Polish is subtle yet an interesting one. Driven by political aspirations, he wanted to prove his worth to his dead father. However, his political ambitions go aside when he takes up the nearly impossible and curious case of Veer Singh thereby stepping outside his comfort zone. As the case proceeds, new challenges come up for Sid. And by the end of the case, we see a new and evolved persona.

Yudhveer Singh (Dark 7 White)

A still from Dark 7 White
Source: ZEE5

Enjoying the luxuries and lavish lifestyle of his royal family, Yudhveer Singh leads a dreamy life. Everything was served for him on a silver platter. However, when he realizes the value and sense of power, a new motive takes over him. Yudhveer embarks on his political journey, wanting more and more at his every step. His political journey is no less than an intriguing adventure for him that also results in him losing his life.


A still from Ghoomketu
Source: ZEE5

Ghoomketu played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui lives an interesting life wherever he goes. He can entertain you, make you laugh, and most importantly inspire you. Wanting to achieve big in the Hindi film industry, Ghoomketu visits Mumbai. He travels all across the city in different studios, narrating his stories. While most of the time he fails, Ghoomketu really learns some realities of life through his filmy adventure. A small-town boy wishes to ditch his comfort zone and try his hands at something as big as Bollywood. 

So, that was the list of some characters who tuned into an adventurous mood.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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