5 Skits Performed By RP And His Riders In Adhirindi That Still Make Us Laugh Out Loud

Sneha Bale

June 4, 2020


1 min

1. Shobha's love affair

When life gives you lemons, keep them aside and tune to comedy. That’s what Adhirindi does, it takes away the worldly problems and allows us to laugh our hearts out without inhibitions. Today, let’s take a look at some of the best performances by RP Riders’ in the show. Our first pick is the first episode, in which the gags turned funnier due to their silly mistakes.

One man’s wife is named Shobha and another woman’s pet dog is named Shobha. What happens when a petrified husband leaves his friend close to his house – only to find out that ‘Shobha’ has been playing with him all day?

2. The eternal love story

We have all heard and seen stories where the hero and the heroine reunite after several years. They do not fail to find who their true love is, even with hindrances. Well, something similar happens in this skit, too. The only thing is that the climax is unexpected for us, not them.

3. 'Caption' of the Ship

In an episode, RP decides to turn into the captain of the ship. He shares his experiences of having several celebrities on board, and their interesting chatter. But when the current passengers find out about the captain, RP resorts to claiming that there will only be ‘captions’, not captains.

4. Most unique father-son ever

You may have known at least one father who beats his son for nothing, or maybe something. But this father-son duo is the most interesting ever. They act like they’re fighting, but that’s their way of surviving – by fooling others.

5. The coal family

Following Chandra’s footsteps, RP takes the tales of a married man to a whole new extent. This time, he has a wife who wouldn’t let see a *clear* day. And RP credits his *life in darkness* to the amazing culinary skills of his beloved wife.

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